USS Lantau
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Getting Reaquanted Part 2

Posted on Fri Aug 10th, 2018 @ 8:42pm by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander Johnny Walker

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Executive Officers office
Timeline: Current

It wasn't to far into checking the Engineering logs that Finchley came across an anomaly. He went back and checked the findings again, but the anomaly was still there.

"I think I may have found something Sir" Finchley said to Johnny "the Main Duty Engineers log on the date the USS Clip last messaged Iota Station shows a 'spike' in EM frequency, yet there's no official record of it in the ships library log. There was nothing to explain what the spike was, or how it occurred, so why wasn't it recorded on the ships library log as well?"

Johnny thought about it for a few seconds before responding. "Are there any duty logs from the Engineering section after that? Is it possible that whatever happened to the crew of the Clip happened after the spike, but before they could enter into the ship's library?"

"There are, but they're fragmented" Finchley replied, "almost like someone had tried to erase them, but not done the job properly. Listen to this..." he added, turning on the audio setting.

==^==EM...ency degradation leads to th...know wha..Indications are we inve...Captai...rg…==^==

"It's not much to go on Sir, sorry" Finchley said.

"I was afraid that that might be your answer, Commander." Johnny said as he entered a few commands. His brows furrowed as the information scrolled in front of him. "The more we look, the less I like what I see. You're absolutely right in that someone tried to erase the logs. The codes used in trying to erase them are not Starfleet or Federation codes. I don't know whose codes they are, but they're not ours ... "

"With your permission Sir, I'd like to pass this log on to Lt Karadis, my Assistant Chief, to have a crack at" Finchley said "She has code building and code breaking experience far in advance of what I have, she may be able clear it up a little more, perhaps even reconstruct more of it" he finished.

"Absolutely. Any help is good help as far as I'm concerned. I've come up dry on the Intel logs so far. Hopefully the Security logs will offer something."

"Thank you Sir, I'll message her now an then send it" Finchley replied, then added "I can go through the Intel logs, perhaps there's an encryption I can use to unlock anything, and yes, hopefully the Security logs will offer something, please feel free to start going through them Commander."

Johnny pulled up the security logs, deciding to start at the last entry this time. He got half way through it before it abruptly cut off. "That's weird!! The Security Chief's log has been tampered with too. There was no information in the log that gives any indication of an outside force at play. I'll go through a few more of the logs, but I'm starting to think more than just the Engineering Logs have been erased for some reason or another."

"Whoever's done this has done it in a hurry, thinking the jobs done but not checking it" Finchley replied "I mean look here for instance" he said, pointing to the screen where one of the Intel logs was displayed.

"They've deleted the main message, by disrupti…" he began, but was then interrupted by his COMM badge chirruping and Karadis' voice coming through.

"Commander Kerr, it's Karadis Sir, I've managed to get a little bit more of that message if you'd like to hear it?" she said,

"Yes, what does it say?" Finchley asked.

"EM frequency degradation leads to the Dead...don't know exactly what..Indications are we inve...Captain uncertain but in origin" Karadis said.

Johnny's brow furrowed as he listened to the additional parts of the log. "It sounds as though it is coming from somewhere in the Dead Zone. While there is still some missing bits of the message, but the last sentence almost sounds like it's 'borg in origin.' What is your take on it?"

"I'm of the same opinion Sir" Finchley replied "and in fact, there's your corroboration" he said, pointing to the screen in front of him. On it was the final Intel logs and it read 'after triple checking the information, I can confirm that the trail is indeed Borg, and fairly recent as well, at most forty hours old. Now that we have confirmation, it's time to take it to the Captain.'

"The USS Clip must have been taken by surprise probably minutes later then because there's no confirmation that this information ever made it to the Clips CO" Finchley said.

Closing off the files he had open, Johnny nodded in agreement. "I agree, the CO may have had some very preliminary information, but not enough to action before whatever event that led to their going missing. Let's get the relevant information compiled and head over to the ready room to bring the Captain up to speed."

"Absolutely Sir" Finchley replied as he started to pull together the information for the XO to present to the CO.

"Thank you, Commander. I appreciate all your work on this." Johnny replied.


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