USS Lantau
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Lost in Time - Part 2

Posted on Wed Jan 8th, 2020 @ 5:16pm by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant Aoba Suzukaze & Lieutenant Jaton Alyl & Lieutenant JG Joseph Calloway & Ensign Rostra Tang & Lieutenant Todd "Snake" Carlson & Chief Petty Officer Sulvek

Mission: Side Posts

Last time on Lost in time part 1:

Finchley slapped his COMM badge and yelled "ALL HANDS, BRACE FOR IMPACT....I REPEAT, BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!!!"

The shockwave slammed into the USS Lantau, broadside, tossing it about like it was a toy. Inside, bulkheads buckled, conduits blew out and consoles exploded and sparked. Crew were thrown around like rag dolls and yells, shouting and calls of pain rang out. The ship bucked and tossed for what seemed like an eternity before finally coming to a stop. The structural intensity of the bridge had been pulped as pieces of the bulkheads were buckled and forced outwards into the bridge. Gasses escaped from various conduits, lights flickered on and off and sparks sporadically erupted from broken consoles.

CPO Sulvek picked himself up off the floor and tried to get some sort of ready from his console to see if he could find out what had just happened, but the console was dead. Looking around, he saw Finchley lying face down beside one of the secondary engineering consoles. Moving slowly across the debris strewn bridge, Sulvek got to Finchley and slowly began to try and rouse him "Commander Kerr, Sir, are you ok?", there was no reply.

"Commander Kerr!" Sulvek tried again, but again there was no response. Sulvek looked and then saw a large red/purple lump on Finchley's temple and realised there could be head trauma. Tapping his COMM badge he said "Bridge to Sickbay, medical emergency on the bridge."


=/\=On my way Captain =/\= JC replied quickly as he grabbed his trauma bag and sprinted for the bridge. He was followed by two of his medics, he did not know their names, but he made a mental note to finish meeting the rest of his staff.

Captain Haught picked herself up off the floor of the bridge. Looking around she could see a lot of damage to her ship. All of the consoles were either blacked out due to a power outage or had been destroyed. She also saw a few wounded crew members. Turning to where her first officer was supposed to be she noticed that he was laying on the floor and being tended to by the helm officer Mister Sulvek.

"All hands. Damage report to the bridge ASAP!" she called out.

"This is Rostra Tang in science." came the first voice over the comm, but her voice sounded a bit off. Distant, maybe. It was hard to find the right word for it. "Sciences took a hit. A lot of the p.. panels are out." she took a deep breath. It almost sounded like she was done speaking, but right at the moment where Haught might think she was done, she started talking again. "Got a few injuries here. Already placed a call in to medical. I'm one of the injured. Took a ... a fall, bumped my head." another long pause, "Not my head, but ... it's hard to explain to a single instance. Sorry. Gotta focus. I'm still breathing, just a nasty bump on my head. Not my head, but... it's hard to explain to a single instance. Sorry."

J'Loni had no time to grab the rail of the warp core when the wave hit. Most of her people were thrown head first into walls, bulkheads and consoles. She went flying through the air initially landing with a thud against the far bulkhead. Fortunately her training allowed her to avoid getting broken bones but she did have a large gash on the side of her head. Ignoring that, she started to give orders when she noticed her people already working o restoring power the best they could.

"Engineering to bridge,we are already working to restore what power we can. Warpcore looks fine but we have to visually check before using them. Impulse is ok for now. There is a lot of damage to power conduits and consoles. Weapons and shields are online but no promises as to how long they will hold. Damage control teams are responding to damaged areas", she added.


JC arrived on the bridge moments later, he nodded to the Captain and saw the First Officer unresponsive at his console. He stepped over the debris and cleared a small area on the floor beside the Lieutenant Commander. Carefully he laid the man on the floor and began to examine him. The pupils were dilated and unresponsive, the breathing was steady. There was redness building in the corner of the eyes, a possible sign of a brain bleed or severe concussion. "Captain I have to get him to Sick Bay immediately, he definitely has a concussion, and has some head trauma. I need to run a full scan to check for internal bleeding." The entire time he was speaking, JC continued to work, getting the man onto a backboard for transport to medical. The men lifted the stretcher carefully and moved towards the turbolift. "Captain, I will give you an update as soon as I know more."

Jaton picked himself up from the floor next to his console. His brow felt wet. He put his hand up to the wet spot and brought it back down. Blood. He didn't know how bad the wound was as the pain he felt was dull but throbbing. But that seemed a lot of blood for just a small bump to the head. He blinked a few times and noticed that his vision seemed to be pretty clear. He tried to stand and all of a sudden felt very light-headed. He lay back down and looked towards the turbolift. "Medic!"

As the medics left in the turbolift with the First Officer, JC stepped back onto the bridge and heard the call for a medic. Stepping over debris, he said "en route." Moments later he arrived at the console. He didn't know the officer yet, but the pips indicated he was a Lieutenant.

"OK Lieutenant, can you tell me your full name sir?" JC asked as knelt on the deck beside the injured man. There was a nasty bruise beginning and swelling. He wiped the man's head gently to clean the blood away.

"Lieutenant... Jaton Kasian Alyl," Jaton said between ragged breaths.

Evelynn looked around. Seeing all the medics tending to the wounded, crew members working on damaged consoles. The bridge was a mess. She knew it was going to take a few days to get everything back to normal.

Todd stepped onto the bridge nursing a bruised head, "Holy shit what the hell......", he said stopping long enough to see the XO down and a real mess as he took the empty helm seat. Looking around he saw the CPO Sulvek on the deck out cold. "What the hell hit us??? Someone needs to get the CPO to medical, he is hurt", Todd said, his hands racing over the helm console trying to get a grip on what power he had and what he didn't have.

J'Loni was the next on the bridge and nearly fainted. Seeing Kerr on the deck unconscious hit her hard but she had a job to do. Walking to her engineering console, she checked the systems. "Captain, damage control reports that damage to decks 4 thru 6 have been repaired. We have partial main power and the auxliary fusion generators are powering the balance of ships systems until the repairs to the primary power conduits is completed. Warp engines are online but I do not suggest you push them past warp six. Impulse is 100% but don't over do it. All emergency forcefields are holding and weapons and shields are available. But, please no more surprises please untill we get the power restored....ok?", J'Loni finished.

"I can't promise anything rght know commander but for right now since you are up here, I'm placing you as acting first officer until Commander Kerr is back on his feet. You can remain at the engineering console but your dities have now doubled." said Evelynn.

"Understood Captain", J"Loni said. Thinking to herself, 'Outstanding double duty oh joy!' almost smiling to herself.

(Cargo Bay 2)

"Suzukaze to Captain Haught" the new young Operations officers voice called over the comm, panic clear in her tone. "Captain... I need you and the doctor in Cargo Bay two immediately!" She explained. It was almost a plead, almost a cry.


"I'll be there shortly," JC said almost desperately. The wounded were piling up, and beginning to concern the new ship's Doctor. Once he verified his skills were no longer needed on the bridge he headed to the Cargo Bay.

"I'm on my way Lieutenant." said Haught. Before leaing the bridge Evelynn looked back at Commander MoBri. "You have the bridge Commander MoBri.

"Understood Captain, I have the bridge sor," J'Lo i said moving towards the center seat.

(Cargo Bay 2)

JC stepped into the Cargo Bay warily not knowing what to expect. It had taken him several minutes to get down to the Bay from the bridge. He had hoped the delay had not inadvertently cost the life of the patient he was there to see next.

Aoba was sitting behind a crate, her head and shoulders visible from the door. She looked over to the doctor. "I've... got a strange... problem" she said a few tears in the corner of her eyes.

JC glanced over the woman, she appeared to be in good health, no obvious bruising or scratching, "What's wrong?"

Sitting on the floor, her tunic unzipped Aoba looked a lot different. The main difference was her belly, where it had once been flat it was now bulges outwards, Aobss protruding navel poking through her yellow under shirt.

"Doctor... I think. Somehow that I'm... pregnant. But... I wasn't ten minutes ago..." she sobbed. From the look of it she was at least into her seventh month, but she had no idea how this could happen in a matter of minutes. "What hit us... I was on the turbo lift to the bridge. There was a flash of light, I woke up here with this..." she explained placing both hands on her belly. "What do I do?!"

"You weren't pregnant ten minutes ago?" JC repeated incredulously. He pulled out his tricorder and began scanning her belly. "The baby appears to be completely normal, I'd like you to come Medical for further testing, are you certain you weren't pregnant?"

Evelynn was the second person to enter the cargobay. Seeing the doctor obviously tending to the Lieutenant she made her way over to their loation. "Repor..." the last sylable stuck in her throat when she rounded the crate.

“Captain, I’m not sure what to say, according to my readings here, she is at least 6 or 7 months along in her pregnancy. The last scheduled check up she was negative for pregnancy. I will need to do a full work up in Medical, but this is definitely odd,” JC explained.

"Odd?" Aoba asked. "How can you say it's odd when it just happened?" She asked feeling suddenly a bit snappy. "Can you tell if the baby... or whatever is inside me is Human or is it some sort of alien thing?" She asked nervously.

"The initial scans show that it is humanoid. I will not know anything further until I can do a full scan in Medical," JC replied.

(Sick Bay)

Finchley's eye lids flickered open, and he swivelled his eyes from side to side. He wasn't on the bridge, he Sick Bay, at least, that's what he thought. His head was sore, and he raised his hand up to his temple and gingerly felt where the dull pain was. It was tender, but bearable, so he sat up and looked around, seeing many of the crew lying on the biobeds being tended to by medical staff. A nurse was passing by so he asked "What am I doing in Sick Bay?"

"I've no idea Commander, except that you were brought in about an hour ago and had scans done" the nurse replied.

Finchley blinked a couple of times, then his memory of what had happened returned. The shock wave, trying to turn into the wave but it being to late and the ship being hit broadside. Everyone being thrown around the bridge like rag dolls, screams, shouts, consoles exploding, conduits blowing, something falling down towards him....then he was here.

He tapped his COMM badge "Kerr to the bridge."

An astonished voice replied, saying "Commander, it's CPO Sulvek, you're awake!"

"I'm on my way to the bridge Sulvek, I want a full appraisal when I get there, understood?" Finchley said.

"Yes Sir, I'll get to it right now, out" Sulvek replied.

Turning to the nurse he said "I feel fine, no aches, no injuries, I'm discharging myself and returning to duty."

Jumping down from the bed, he made his way out of Sick Bay, along the corridor and into a turbolift which took him swiftly to the bridge. The doors opened and Finchley walked out and over to CPO Sulvek "Report" he said.

Sulvek handed him a PADD with a break down of all the damage done to the ship that had been so far recorded.

The next to head onto the bridge was Rostra Tang herselves, entering through the turbolift with some form of haste to her step, "Captain." the pair of them called in unison, "I have an update to the situation."

She waited for Finchley to recognize her before advancing further than a few feet away, but when she was noticed she consulted a PaDD of her own. "The wave that passed through was a pulse of highly excited chronometrionic particles. Sciences is still working on the actual source of the pulse but the long..." and she stopped talking, just done. Over.

Her twin picked up, in that clever way that only Dalacari could, "... and short of it is this region is currently classified as undergoing a temporal event. Scans estimate the rate of chronometrion decay at about three hundred and forty days worth of..." and it happened again. Just done. And then her twin resumed as though it were her original thought.

"... decay, or in easier terms, this ship and the surrounding region of space just experienced three hundred and forty days worth of temporal motion in three point six seconds." a pause, "Give or take, sir."

"The PaDD has the latest calculations and scan data sir. I'll update it once the mainframe in Sciences finishes crunching more numbers."

Stopping short of fainting at the sight of Finchley on the bridge, J'Loni went white, "Commander Kerr it is agreeable and most pleasing to see you on your feet. Repairs are proceeding quickly. The ships engines are functioning within normal parameters," she said in almost whisper. The man who captured her heart was not dead but alive and a great wave of relief washed over her.

"With respects ma'am, check the engines again." Rostra started. "Everything on this ship just aged about three hundred and forty days almost instantly. Every tiny fault just..."

"... aged a year. Every piece of reactor fuel. Every chunk of dilithium." her PaDD just chirped. "We were lucky." she started. "The wave's effect wavered as the wave spread out. A little closer to the..."

"... epicenter of the effect, and the crew would have been aged to death, or worse." she advised. "The event has passed by us but my best math can't guarantee that there won't..."

"... be another wave, of higher intensity in the future. If we want our year of life back, and if we want to get to the root cause, I advise we head towards the source ..."

"... of the event, at best speed."

Finchley took the PADD from Rostra and scanned over it. He could hardly believe what his eyes were seeing or what the logical side of his brain was telling him. He read it over again, just to make sure he fully took in the information that he'd read, and once done, he knew what had to be done.

"Commander Mo'Bri, it looks like your information may be out of date, get back down to Engineering now, go over every piece of equipment from replicators to the warp engines and give me a full report on their condition" Finchley said "take whoever you need to get this done, this is our top priority right now!"

Once the shock of seeing Kerr and now finding out that the ship had passed through an actual chroniton shockwave wore off, "Understood Commander, I was just leaving for engineering," she said noting the tone of his voice.

Turning back to Rostra he said "Good work Ensign, see if you can trace the epicentre of the shock wave, and if you can, try to find out or at least extrapolate what might happen time wise to the ship if we head towards where it came from."

Rostra gave a pair of nods, "I'll get right one it. Source and course. I'll have to take a guess about everything else until the math clears, but give me an hour, relative time." she said, not even realizing the pun until it was too late.


Still shaken by the news and Kerr's reappearance did not help the situation in engineering. Her people were running around like chickens without their heads. Organized chaos is basically what it would be called. They were doing their jobs and doing them well, that much was certain, but what distressed her was, Tang was correct. Everything showed up as being one year older. Crystals had aged a year, fuel rods, plasma coils, and basically every piece of machinery, showed signs of age totaling a year had passed. This meant that now they would have to do a Level 1 diagnostic across the board and that was going to be a bitch!


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