USS Lantau
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Meet & Greet

Posted on Tue Nov 26th, 2019 @ 11:52am by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant JG Joseph Calloway

Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: Crew lounge/XO's Officer
Timeline: Current.

JC had finished reviewing the most recent Medical reports for the crew when he began to grow restless. His time aboard the transport had been cramped and uneventful, and now that he was aboard a starship he felt free. This was his first time on this class ship so he decided to explore a bit. He'd already figured out how to get to his quarters and to Medical. the next important thing was the crew lounge. It took JC thirty minutes to find it after getting lost several times. He ordered a black coffee and sat down at an empty table.

In his office, Finchley finally managed to get round to looking over the new crew roster. He noted that the new Chief Medical Officer had come aboard just in time before the Lantau had left the system and warped towards their destination. Tapping his COMM badge he said "Commander Kerr to Lieutenant Calloway, can you please come to my office."

“En Route Sir,” JC replied quickly, he left the crew lounge and went to the XO’s office, it took him awhile to get there but he arrived eventually. Standing at the door he adjusted his uniform before announcing his presence. He was at home in Medical and seeing patients but meeting command staff that out ranked him always made him nervous.

"Come in Doctor" Finchley called out, and the doors slid smoothly back allowing access to the office, "have a seat and take a load off" he added, pointing the seat opposite him.

JC stepped in and sat down as instructed, he was a little surprised at the lack of formality by the XO, but it was refreshing. If he was honest, JC would admit to being tired from walking everywhere and getting lost multiple times. Barely sleeping on the transport was beginning to catch up with him. Once seated he replied, “ Good Evening, XO.”

"Good evening, and I prefer Commander when we're on duty" Finchley replied "What about yourself, how do you prefer the crew to refer to yourself, as Doctor, Lieutenant or something else?" he asked.

"Doctor or Lieutenant, is fine with me Commander, I'm not real particular on titles. Thank you for bringing me aboard the Lantau, sir."

"That was all the CO's work Lieutenant" Finchley replied honestly "Now, give me a brief run down on your career so far, and tell me what it is you bring to the Lantau and what it is you want to achieve whilst in the Delta Quadrant?"

"Well this is only the second ship I've been aboard since graduating at the Academy and completing all of the necessary Medical courses. There was an accident aboard the USS Kirk and a very dear friend lost her life. I took some leave to get my head on straight." JC wasn't ready to admit to the First Officer the woman that died was his fiancee and he was unable to save her. "I decided I wanted to go see the unknown. As far as achievements sir, it may sound prideful but I'd like to discover something new here in the Delta Quadrant that can be used to help save lives."

"I'm sorry to hear of your loss Lieutenant, I share your pain in that respect" Finchley replied, a picture of Ash passing through his thoughts "and I wouldn't say it's prideful to want to discover something new here in the Delta Quadrant that can be used to help save lives, so long as that search doesn't interfere with your immediate duties to the ships compliment. Tell me, did you go through any combat training at the Academy, and has it been put to any use if you did?"

"I only went through the basics that every officer is required to take in order to graduate. I've never had to use it either, I've been lucky in that regard. On board the Kirk I was only on away missions a few times, and those were few and far between. I acted more as a medic in those situations. I did begin a training program that trained some of the medical staff for emergency medics and then the Chief of Security worked on their combat training," JC explained.

Finchley was about to reply when his COMM badge chirruped and a voice came through saying "Commander Kerr to the bridge immediately!"

Rising quickly from his chair, Finchley looked at the CMO and said "Sorry Doctor, we'll have to finish this meeting at another time."


Commander Finchley Kerr
Executive Officer
USS Lantau

Lieutenant JG Joseph Calloway
Chief Medical Officer
USS Lantau


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