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Lost in time... Part 1

Posted on Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 @ 10:50pm by Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant Aoba Suzukaze & Lieutenant Jaton Alyl & Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Ensign Rostra Tang & Lieutenant Todd "Snake" Carlson & Chief Petty Officer Sulvek
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Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: Bridge, USS Lantau
Timeline: Current

At exactly 0800, Finchley walked out of the turbolift and onto the bridge. It felt good to finally be setting off on their next mission and Finchley was personally glad to be heading out into deep space again. Making his way across the bridge to the Command chair, he stood beside it and said "Helm, ship station keeping, contact Iota Station and brief them that we'll be leaving shortly."

Lieutenant Carlson looked round to Finchley, nodded his head replying "Aye Sir, ship to station keeping, informing Iota Station" then swivelled back round and began the sequence of orders.

Finchley then tapped his COMM badge and said "All Department Heads, report in ready."

YirVass had been working at the security station for a few hours directly behind Commander Kerr’s head. “Security and Tactical ready Commander Kerr.”

J'Loni had been on the bridge at her engineering station since 0730. She was busy getting the ship's engines and other priority systems online and checking others before answering the XO. "Engineering reports that all syatems ready and we are on internal power since 0730 hrs. Warp and impulse ready at your discretion, sir."

Jaton turned from his station to face Finchley. "Science reports ready. Looking forward to pushing out our boundaries of knowledge, sir." He couldn't help but smile at that last statement.

Rostra wasn't on the bridge. She was only the assistant after all. However, her place at Sciences actual was manned. Personed? Occupied? No that wasn't the word... Whatever the word was, Rostra was there. When Jaton gave the readiness report, Rostra took it as a personal achievement. Sciences was indeed ready, and she helped make it that way.

Previously it was her up on the Bridge, giving the report... but Jaton could have the Chief position back. Those chairs were ENTIRETLY too uncomfortable.

"This is Ensign Tang reporting in on behalf of Science Chief Jaton. Reporting full readiness status for launch. The lieutenant would make the report himself, but he's indisposed at the moment." Rostra made the call in on behalf of Science.

With most of the reports of readiness in, Finchley tapped his COMM badge again and said "Commander Kerr to the Captain, we're ready to leave Iota Station Sir."

[Captain's Ready Room]

Evelynn stood in front of the window looking out at the starbase. The communique from her first officer brought her out of her reverie. "I'm on my way Commander." She turned and headed out to the bridge.

[Main Bridge]

Evelynn walked out of her ready room and onto the bridge. Looking at each station she admired each officer's tenacity and dedication to their work. Making her way over to the command chair she stopped short of it and nodded to her first officer. "Status report Commander?"

"Most Department Heads with the exception of the Diplomatic Officer and Operations have checked in as ready to go Sir, ship is at station keeping ready to leave Iota Station."

"Very well, they can report in once we are underway." said Evelynn as she took the center chair.

"Iota Operations, this is the Lantau, request permission to depart."

"Permission to depart granted." came the reply of Iota Station operations. "Proceed at one quarter impulse until you reach the outer marker at bearing 354 mark 78. Have a safe trip Lantau."

"Thank you operations. Lantau out." said Evelynn. "Helm, set course 354 mark 78, one quarter impulse."

"Aye sir heading 354 mark 78, one quarter impulse to the outer marker," Todd said and slowly the Lantau moved out. Happy to be flying again, Todd didn't care if it was his Gryphon or a starship. All he was interested in was flying through the wide open spaces of the heavens.


***Sector 29583***

As the USS Lantau neared the region of space it was to investigate the strange anomalies, Finchley couldn't help but think back to how the crew of the USS Voyager must have felt, being out in the Delta Quadrant, alone, totally reliant on themselves and their ship and looking for anything that would speed their journey back home. What the Lantau was doing was the reverse, they were heading out the way, hoping that they would be able to find ways to explore the Delta Quadrant, map out what Voyager didn't explore and if possible seek out the species they didn't get a chance to meet.

"Sir, we're approaching Sector 29583" CPO Sulvek reported to Finchley.

"Take us out of warp Chief, one half impulse power till we cross the threshold" Finchley said to the Helm crewman.

"Aye Sir, dropping out of warp to one half impulse power" Sulvek replied, his hands gliding smoothly over the helm controls.

Finchley looked round at Jason and said "Lieutenant Alyl, begin scans to try and pick up the unusual emissions that were detected by Iota Station, report when you find anything."

"Aye commander," Jaton replied, turning slightly to acknowledge the order, while still not taking eyes off the display. "There's not too much beyond the normal background radiation that I'm picking up, but there is a little bit of an anomaly in the readings bearing 246 mark 104. Running scans to confirm a match."

"Very good Lieutenant" Finchley said "Let me know what you find" he finished.

"Aye sir."

Tapping his COMM badge he said "Kerr to Engineering. This region of space is hasn't been studied that well, keep on your toes, we may need to go to warp quickly if anything untoward happens."

"J'Loni to Kerr, understood. Just make sure Carlson flies her straight and the sensors keep us out of trouble," she said smiling.

Looking round at YirVass, Finchley said "Lieutenant Daar, scan the sector for signs of weapons fire. We don't have any information on what types of weaponry has been used here, so anything unusual that you pick up, cross reference it with Lieutenant Alyl just in case it's anything significant that's not a weapon. We need to begin collecting as much information as we can so we can build a profile of the sector."

YirVass was glad to be back to the grindstone. He listened as Captain Kerr gave him the orders. To make it easier to work with Lieutenant Alyl YirVass moved his fingers across his console behind the command section and moved his tactical data to his secondary station which was beside the science station. “Well run everything through both the tactical and science sensors, Sir. You’ll get the info as soon as we workout what we’re seeing.”

He paused for a second, then looked back towards the Science consoles "Ensign Tang, scan the planetary systems around the sector, up to five light years away, find out what you can about them, we need to know if there's much interstellar travel being done between the planets, or in this direction. We don't know what the rates of ion decay are, so if you could try to work out those and give me a break down on who's been here recently, 'if' they've been here recently that is, and what level of space travel their at."

The pair gave a nod each, "Yes sir." and each went to work. It was weird watching her go, two bodies but there was obviously a singular consciousness driving them. Fingers tapped here, moved there, swiped and ran report after report. "This may take a bit, sir. Have to filter out the background radiation. Shouldn't be more than a few..."

"... minutes. Ten tops." she reported as she went, switching focus from body to body.

"Commander," Jaton began urgently, "I'm reading a massive buildup of gamma radiation in the direction of those anomalous readings. Reading a source of 60 petarems, bearing 246 mark 104, distance 12 AU. Looks like some sort of tear in subspace."

Finchley looked round at Sulvek, "Chief, set course for those coordinates, warp six, engage!"

Sulvek immediately jumped into action "Coordinates set, going to warp six, Aye!"

Finchley looked at Jaton again "Lieutenant, keep an eye on that build up Gamma radiation. If it looks like it's getting to dangerous levels before we get there let me know!"

"Aye sir. I'm reading an exponential buildup of the gamma radiation, but it's still within tolerances. I'd recommend shunting more power into the shields though."

"Lieutenant Suzukaze, strengthen power to the shields, use what you need" Finchley said to Aoba.

Then turning to the Captain, Finchley asked "What are your orders once we reach the anomaly Sir?"

"Just the standard Commander. Let's see what we're facing out there." said Evelynn.

Aoba shunted more power to the shields as per requested. "Shield power has been increased" she reported. Luckily the Lantau had plenty of auxiliary power to play with, much more than she was used to having.

Looking at Sulvek, Finchley said "Chief, bring us out of warp to impulse power when we're within two light years of the anomaly."

"Aye Sir" Sulvek replied.


The USS Lantau came out of warp and as it did so they slowly made their way forward towards the anomaly. On the bridge, Finchley was acutely aware that there was almost a tense feeling running through him. Ordinarily this kind of situation didn't phase him in the slightest, but he could 'feel' something, almost sense a....negativity.

"Helm, scan the area, are we the only ship in this sector?" Finchley said.

Sulvek's hands glided effortlessly across his console and after a few moments he said "Yes Sir, we're the only ship in the sec...hold on, another ship's now registering on our sensors Commander, and they're heading towards us!"

This was just to odd for Finchley so he said "Bring us about Chief, let's see who's heading towards us."

"Aye Sir bringing us about" Sulvek said.

The Lantau followed the flight arc till it faced on the oncoming ship.

"Shall we hail them Sir?" Finchley asked the Captain.

"Mister Daar, open up a channel and hail that ship. Let's see if they are a friend or a foe." said Evelynn.

Smiling YirVass took a few seconds to run his hands over the console before he said “The channel is active Captain, their listening, understanding might take a bit more.”

"This is Captain Evelynn Haught of the Federation starship Lantau. We've detected some unusual Gamma radiation in this area, do you require any assistance?"

A few seconds passed and the viewscreen flickered to
life. A rather striking bluish female with flowing dark purple hair appeared on the screen.

"Greetings Captain. My name is Minister Actori Norol of the Bratori. We noticed your ship on our long range scanners and have come to inform you that the region you are prepared to enter is currently in dispute with its neighbor the Pelicor. I advize that you change course to avoid the area." said Norol.

Evelynn nodded. "Thank you for the warning. We will adjust our course accordingly." said the captain. "Lieutenant change our course to avoid the area."

"Acknowledged changing course to avoid said area," Todd said as his hands smoothly input the new coordinates and executed the course correction.

"Captain, I've analyzed the ion trail of the Bratori ship, and will be setting the sensors to inform of any major buildup of similar sources." Rostra advised. "It should..."

"... give us plenty of advance notice of any gathering of ships of their people. A fleet movement, for example. Could help avoid skirmishes even if we don't know ..."

"... anything about these Pelicor."

[Main Engineering]

In engineering, J'Loni was about to have a bite to eat as Spanner stuck his head in her office. "Chief you need to see this", he said tensely.

Gathering by his voice, Spanner had something important to either show her or tell her or both. "Damn it Spanner I was just going to eat too", she said getting up to see what he wanted. When she approached the display, there were a number of indicators showing red when they should have been green. The indications of radiation outside the ship were there. "What type of radiation is suspected", she asked Spanner. He began the scan, "Gamma Chief", Spanner said. "Augusfratt! J'Loni to Bridge, we got a Gamma radiation warning down here. Anything we should know about?", she asked.

"We're nearing the anomaly Commander Mo'Bri" Finchley answered "there's Gamma radiation in and around it but we haven't yet determined if it coming from the anomaly itself. Right now we have an unidentified ship approaching us so we'll need you and your engines ready in case we have to move quickly" he finished.

"Understood Cmdr. Kerr. Engines will be ready for a quick exit," J'Loni said flatly

"Very good Commander, Kerr out" Finchley replied, closing the link.


Finchley watched as the Bratori ship set course away from the Lantau and moved away swiftly. With their own ship moving in the opposite direction, he was glad to know that someone was looking out for them and that they'd now be ready for almost anything, anything that is, except for what was about to happen.

Relaxing his shoulders, Finchley was about to say something to the Chief Helm Officer when all of a sudden CPO Sulvek called out "Sir, there's a shockwave coming, NOW!"

Finchley looked at him "A shockwave? Where the hell did it come from and why are we only suddenly hearing about it now?"

"I have no idea Sir" Sulvek replied "Sensors only just detected it, we have less than ten seconds before impact!"

"Maximum shields!!!" Finchley yelled out "Turn the ship into the shockwave to try and minimise the strike"

"Shields at maximum aye" Sulvek replied "but we're to late to turn into the wave, it's moving to quickly!"

Finchley slapped his COMM badge and yelled "ALL HANDS, BRACE FOR IMPACT....I REPEAT, BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!!!"

The shockwave slammed into the USS Lantau, broadside, tossing it about like it was a toy. Inside, bulkheads buckled, conduits blew out and consoles exploded and sparked. Crew were thrown around like rag dolls and yells, shouting and calls of pain rang out. The ship bucked and tossed for what seemed like an eternity before finally coming to a stop. The structural intensity of the bridge had been pulped as pieces of the bulkheads were buckled and forced outwards into the bridge. Gasses escaped from various conduits, lights flickered on and off and sparks sporadically erupted from broken consoles.

CPO Sulvek picked himself up off the floor and tried to get some sort of ready from his console to see if he could find out what had just happened, but the console was dead. Looking around, he saw Finchley lying face down beside one of the secondary engineering consoles. Moving slowly across the debris strewn bridge, Sulvek got to Finchley and slowly began to try and rouse him "Commander Kerr, Sir, are you ok?", there was no reply.

"Commander Kerr!" Sulvek tried again, but again there was no response. Sulvek looked and then saw a large red/purple lump on Finchley's temple and realised there could be head trauma. Tapping his COMM badge he said "Bridge to Sickbay, medical emergency on the bridge."

To Be Continued

Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer
USS Lantau

Commander Finchley Kerr
Executive Officer
USS Lantau

Ensign Rostra Tang
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USS Lantau

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USS Lantau

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USS Lantau

Lt. Todd Carlson (NPC)
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USS Lantau


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