USS Lantau
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Mission briefing

Posted on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 @ 1:12am by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant Aoba Suzukaze & Lieutenant Jaton Alyl & Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Ensign Rostra Tang

Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: Current

Finchley made his way to the ships conference room, entered and placed the information PADD's he had with him on the desk by his seat. He was glad to be getting underway again, the new mission details had come to the Captain and she'd briefed Finchley about it. Though it had been nice to get some R & R time in, he felt it better for the crew to now get back to duty.

Tapping his COMM badge he said "Commander Kerr to all Senior Staff, please make your way to the briefing room immediately, Kerr out."

YirVass was watching the sensors from his spare bridge position as his badge chirped. He listened as the call came through and responded. “Darr to Commander Kerr, be there in a few minutes Sir.” After he sent his response he logged out of the system and headed to the briefing room. Being closest he was the first to arrive and headed to the replicator and said “Lapsang suchong tea, hot with a twist of lemon and one sugar.” Turning to Commander Kerr he said “It’s quite refreshing!”

Finchley smiled at YirVass and replied "I've never actually tried it to be honest, but I think I'll have to now."

The next entries through the door were the twin forms of the assistant to the chief scientist, Rostra Tang. Unique aboard the Lantau due to her being a Dalacari, the entity known collectively as Rostra Tang actually occupied two bodies yet shared but one singular mind. A sharp and brilliant mind, driven by curiosity but always restrained by thoughts of concern and safety. Good qualities to have in a laboratory technician.

"Sorry I'm late, I was..." and she noticed that there was next to nobody here. Not the chief engineer. Not even the head of her own department was here. "I... suppose I'm earlier than I thought." one said, then the pair of the giggled. One held up a PaDD while the other didn't stray too far to the replicator to make an order for her two forms.

"I was catching up on some news from home. Without easy access to a buoy I have to rely on less regular means to update from home. So yeah I'm a little behind on..." and the one with the PaDD just stopped talking. Done. Over.

It was the twin, near the replicator, that picked up the pace, "... current events out there. Turns out they started an undertaking to probe into the secrets of black holes. I mean, by now the project probably already started so I can hope to get more updates soon. They're..." and it happened again. Another switch in dominant consciousness. Or at least, another switch in active bodies.

"... taking a drone, giving it pre-loaded instructions, and launching it into a well documented black hole. It'll be hooked to a tether attached to a fabricator programmed to just make more tether. The tether..." as she shifted, her other form came up with a mug of tea, which rather than being handed to her other form she actually just put on the table, for her twin to pick up herself.

"... is a data transmission cable. We're hoping to get some good readings through before the gravity becomes too intense for data to travel against the pull. Either that or the survey craft..."

"... gives out. Either way, I'm very excited to see the results. The data results, I mean. Not the crushed survey craft. Kinda feel sorry for the drone."

"Yes, the drones always seem to get the end of the wedge" Finchley laughed.

J'Loni walked into the conference room with her ractijino, " Morning all, hope I am not late. Was running a level 3 diagnostic of the warp manifolds", she said taking her seat near the XO.

"Ah, the bits that help make the big elastic bands work, hope the manifolds are all working well, wouldn't want that big elastic band to fall off now would we?" Finchley grinned and teased, moving back a pace so he couldn't be punched by J'Loni.

“That rubber band you mentioned Sir also keeps the power up to both passive and active shielding and any weapons we may need.” YirVass Darr mentioned lightly in passing as he could tell by Commander Finchley’s grin, which looked like the proverbial Cat from Cheshire, that he was teasing J’Loni.Though he thought he would help keep it real by saying “You wouldn’t look all that good with a small nanometer speck of space dust planted in your brain without the passive shields considering the speeds we do out here Commander.” As he said it the Doors hissed open again to allow entry to Jaton Alyl, and he waved as he entered.

Finchley looked at Darr and replied "Lieutenant, I look good in any situation, be it clothes, duty, fighting, diplomatic puzzle solving, being at the helm of a shuttle craft or having a small nanometer speck of space dust planted in my's all the same. You either have it or you don't, and I have it in spades" he finished with a telling wink and a nod.

Jaton was the next to arrive, a stack of PADDs under his arm. He went over to the replicator and ordered a cup of Turkish style tea, before settling next to J’Loni. “Good morning everyone,” he said as he dropped two sugar cubes into the hourglass shaped glass and stirred it in idly.

Rostra gave a nod to the others that entered as she found a pair of chairs to her liking and sat. "Yeah, the drones do get the short end of the stick, but better them than us, right." she stated, simply and matter of factly. It was her twin that picked up the rest of the conversation, "As for the prospect of 'That Rubber Band', that's why you need more than one." the pair gave a smirk each, one towards YirVass and Finchley, and the other towards J'Loni, mostly to show there were no hard feelings. The Dalacari's smirk was honest and friendly, and was very careful not to show teeth.

Aoba was next to enter into the briefing room. The purple haired young Japanese woman scanned the room with her eyes before quietly taking an unoccupied seat. This would be her first briefing on the Lantau, so she didn't want to stand out.

The last person to arrive in the conference room was the captain. She had gotten the notification as well as informed the Commander to go ahead and call a meeting but she had something she needed to do first.

"Sorry I am late everyone, I had to submit a communique to Starfleet Command." she said as she went over to the head of the table and sat down. Looking over at her newly promoted first officer, Commander Kerr, she gave a quick nod. "Its your show Commander, I'll fill in the rest."

"Many, if not all of you, will be familiar with the historical adventures of USS Voyager and it's crew" Finchley began "Though we have lots of information, gleaned by Voyager, there is still so much of the Delta Quadrant we know nothing about, vast expanses of space that haven't been explored. The Starfleet Admiralty want to know more about the quadrant, and because we're already here, the USS Lantau has been chosen to go out there and begin to do what we're trained for...exploration."

He turned to Evelynn and said "Do you wish to fill in the details Captain?"

Evelynn tapped a few buttons on the small panel within the coference table to bring up a holographic display at the center of the table.

Pointing to the display she cleared her throat. "This is sector 29583, sensors at Iota Station have detected some rather strange emmissions coming from this sector. While we are out investigating this unknown territory. We don't know who we'll encounter in this secotr but we do know that it is inhabited."

"Baring in mind Starfleet classing this as a deep space mission" Finchley added "how many of you here have deep space experience?" he asked, looking round the table.

Each of the forms that comprised the form of Rostra Tang each raised a hand. "You call it the Delta Quadrant. I call it 'home'."

"Congratulations, you've just volunteered yourself as information and tour guide Ensign" Finchley said to Rostra.

Turning back to the rest of the staff and said "Has anyone got any deep space experience?"

Jaton raised his hand hesitantly. “I don’t know if it counts as deep space but I saw some action against the Jenarri on my last two assignments.”

"Congratulations Lieutenant, you just volunteered to council anyone who feels any ill effects emotionally about being on a deep space mission" Finchley replied to Jaton "You may not be a the ships Counsellor, but for this purpose, you're the nearest thing."

Again, turning back to the rest of the staff "Has anyone else got any deep space experience?"

"Yes, two classified missions one to DS6 and the other deep into the Gamma Quadrant", J'Loni said hesitantly. She was thinking of the Claymore and Avenger missions.

Looking at J'Loni, Finchley replied "I'll discuss some aspects of those missions with you in private Commander, once we're finished this briefing."

J'Loni turned to Cmdr. Kerr, "Understood sir", she said quickly. It was a bit unnerving to discuss classified material, but in this case it was warranted.

Looking back at the staff once again he asked "Anyone else, if not, I think the Captain should continue the briefing?"

"Actually." Rostra spoke up again, "Sorry about the interruption but, as a special citizen of the Ts'usugi Empire all Dalacari have rationed access to their communication..."

"... and storage research hub network. I'll need to coordinate with Operations in order to get the Lantau's subspace transceiver on their frequency but once we get..."

"... that taken care of, we'll have limited access to the Buoy network. Which will help greatly if I'm going to be a guide." a pause, as the pair turned to look at both Finchley and Evelynn. "With your permission, of course." The pair said in unison. A rarity, but it was a sign of something that the Dalacari felt expressly confident or secure about.

"Whatever you need to do Ensign, just get it done, the sooner we have information that can help us, the better" Finchley replied to them both.

"Ok everyone, you know where we're heading and what we'll be doing when we get there" Finchley said "we'll be leaving tomorrow at 0800 hours so I want all your departments primed, ready and your readiness reports sent to myself and the Captain by 0600 at the latest, dismissed."

As he watched the staff get up and go, he said "Commander Mo'Bri, I'll meet you shortly to discuss those mission aspects, thank you."


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