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Possible Borg Meeting?

Posted on Sat Aug 18th, 2018 @ 8:25am by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Engineering/Intelligence Office
Timeline: Current


Knowing of her past experience with surprises and the history of Starfleet's meetings with the Borg, did not sit well with her at all. She had a daughter to think about now and the idea of assimilation did not sit with her at all. True, they were on the newest class ship in the fleet and she had regenerative shielding, but tje technology of the Borg was incredible. Just knowing they jad the ability to addapt quickly to the nutating shield frequencies of the phasers was frightening to say the least.

Looking at her husband William, she projected ~~~I need to know more about this USS Clip and what is out there~~~. He nodded and she set about doing what she did the best, her job and investigating all possible outcomes that could affect her new charge and lady, the USS Lantau.

She put in a call to the Chief Intelligence Officer for a meeting to see what SFI might know about the mess they might be running into. Hitting her combadge, " Cmdr. Kerr, you got a minute? I would like to come to your office and speak with you", she said, almost nervously. J'Loni almost didn't get the way she was now.

In his office, Finchley was painstakingly going through the USS Clip logs in an effort to gain as much information as he could on what had happened the the Cip and her crew. Granted, in the main, the USS Clip was still in one piece, but there had been signs of 'fight and flight', but getting information on "why" was difficult. He'd managed to partially reconstruct some of the engineering logs, some of the science department logs and security logs, but they weren't complete.

Just about to take five for a coffee break, he was surprised to hear the Lantau's Chief Engineer voice come through his communicator. Tapping it, he replied "Kerr here, yes Lieutenant, by all means, come now, it's actually good timing you calling, you could help me with something, out" he said, closing the link.

=========Five Minutes Later=============

J'Loni walked into his office and, "Commander?", she said. She hoped she didn't startle him by her unannounced entrance.

"Here, behind you" Finchley said, looking up from his seat in the corner "thanks for being so prompt Lieutanant, take a pew" he said, pointing to the seat in front of him.

"What do you know abour EM frequency trail degredation?" Finchley asked.

Looking at the Commander, "The what? EM frequency trail degredation...of what type ship? There are different types of EM frequency trail degredations, each one unique to the type of ship. For example, Borg EM frequencies didn't allow the Enterprise to beam anything through them. It was impossible to do so and then the phasers had to be retuned to rotating frequencies to fool the borg shields up to a point where they adapted to the phaser frequencies. Depending on the engine coils and how tight they are, would also lengthen or how loose they are would make the degredation live longer or shorter. Now what type of ship and what type of propulsion are you looking for?" she said, all ears now. New territory meant new types of ships and quite possible the meeting again of the Borg! She wasn't sure if she had answered his question the correct way but she knew that the EM frequency trails depended on what ship and the type of propulsion it used so she could tell him more or less what he wanted to know.

"An interesting choice of example, why choose the Borg?" Finchley asked.
"First, I was thinking about them and their frequencies when you asked. Second, could get into trouble for even talking about it as it is still since you are SFI here on the ship it is ok....I think", J'Loni said. Not wanting to put her ass in the wringer, she thought aobout it for about half a second before continuing. "The Borg are the Federations biggest enemy at the present moment and well...the ship I was on that was sent to investigate a possible Borg ship, did in fact come into contact with it. I had a chance to see it and get some good information on their systems and find out about their propulsion and some of their defensive systems. Mind you it wasn't as much as I had hopped it would, but it was enough for Starfleet and they pulled us out. Commander, out here in the dead end of space and with the need for the Borg to add to their own knowledge, I wouldn't be surprised if these fields you are asking about had Borg signatures. But, I am not SFI and well, I really don't want to think about the Borg so soon. I nearly bot myself assimilated on that trip", she said.

"Very little is classified for me regarding any USS Lantau crew who have served, even briefly, in SFI Lieutenant. Where I'm concerned if I need to know, I need to know, and know now. Anyone found to be withholding information from me will be severely punished!

"Like you, I've fought against the Borg myself" Finchley said "Back in twenty three eighty one when I was a fresh faced, newly minted junior security officer on the USS Aventine under Lieutenant Commander Dax. We were sent to help the USS Enterprise-E against a Borg cube. We took a lot of damage, as did the Enterprise-E, but in the end we won out, but not before we'd been boarded by several Borg drones and I'd witnessed them assimilating some of our crew, it was horrendous. We managed to kill the drones, but it was to late for our crew. They were evacuated off the Aventine, but I never did find out what happened to them. Going back to the EM frequencies, I need you to buckle up and start to think about the Borg again, because we believe that those are the kinds of trails we have and we need to follow them. We require you and your team to get us the information we require in order to trace where they, it's urgent. You know your team best, you know who needs to do what, I would suggest though that you meet with them 'in' Engineering and speak to them about what we need you all to do, have you got that?"

She nearly fainted, "You serious? The Borg again? Oh Kahless. team is going to freaking flip!!!", she said. Knowing about how she nearly was assimilated herself, she knew the details and would have to get her teams up to speed. "Commander this is going to require me to go into classified files from my previous mission and those of other skirmishes from other ships. Do I have the clearance and or authority to do so?", she asked.

"I can grant you access here" he said, turning to the console beside him. He entered his command code and Intel clearance code then stood back "I can only grant you access to the files where you've been listed as actively participating in those missions, and it's limited access, only up to your clearance level, anything over that you have to ask me, I'll review the file and say yes or no. There's no ifs or buts, this is the way Intel works now, I'm here to ensure that those orders are carried out. We can discuss how much you tell your teams, as much of the information is, as you say, still classified, some on a need to know basis. We're not hiding anything from them deliberately, some of the information is of a sensitive nature, so we have to protect Starfleet, I think they'll understand."

"I hope they do Commander, I hope they do. If that is all I will get back to enginerring and prepare", she said, turning on her heel and left quickly.

Finchley nodded her dismissal when asked if that was all, then turned back to the console beside him. His brow furrowed as he began to construct his personal log, there was much about this situation that was confusing and a mystery, but they had to get to the bottom of it.


Lt. Jg. J'Loni Mo'Bri
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Lantau

Lt/Commander Finchley Kerr
Chief Intelligence Officer/2XO
USS Lantau


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