USS Lantau
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Purple Operations

Posted on Wed Dec 11th, 2019 @ 7:18am by Lieutenant Aoba Suzukaze & Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Captains Ready Room

Lieutenant Junior Grade Aoba Suzukaze was nervous about her new assignment. She was still young and slightly inexperienced. She had only been out of the Academy Four Years, but she knew she could do it. She stepped down off of the transporter pad and nervously looked at the transporter officer.

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant" he said with a smile. "I'll have your personal belongings transported to your new quarters. The Captain is in her ready room".

Aoba nodded. "Thanks" she said with a slight bow. With that said she made her way out into the corridor. This ship was much bigger than anything she had ever served on before. She looked left, then she looked right. Finally she spotted a turbolift and hastily stepped inside. She studied the deck layout of the ship on the MSD in the turbolift. The Lantau was huge, she was looking forward to finally getting stuck into things.

"Bridge" she said simply. She could feel the butterflies fluttering around in her tummy as the turbolift sped up towards deck one. Eventually after what seemed like forever, the doors swished open and Aoba stepped out. The bridge was advanced and modern, it looked much better than the Neptune's old Excelsior style circular bridge. Several people stared at her, but then again its not everyday that a purpled hair, young cute Japanese woman stepped out of the turbolift.

"Excuse me..." she said to a passing ensign. "Can you point me in the direction of the ready room?" she asked.

The ensign smiled. "New here?" he asked. Aoba nodded. "That door over there"

Aoba thanked the Ensign and made her way down to the ready room doors. She stood there for a few seconds, made sure her comm badge was straight, and that her twin tails were perfectly aligned. She wanted to look good and make a good first impression. Nervously she reached out and built up the courage to finally touch the chime.

Captain Evelynn Haught sat behind her desk studying personnel record that she had recently just gotten when the sound of her door chime broke her out of her revere.

"Come in." she said as she also looked up at the door to see who it was.

The doors opened and Aoba stepped in. She was a little shaky as any junior officer would be. "A...A...Lieutenant Junior Grade Aoba Suzukaze Captain. Reporting as ordered" she managed to get out, she stood straight like she had been taught.

Evelynn smiled at her newest addition to the senior staff. "Welcome to the Lantau lieutenant. At ease before you strain something." Evelynn wasn't your typical CO. She was never strict with protocol when meeting someone new. She had always felt the need to make things more casual.

Aoba relaxed and stood a bit easier. "Yes Captain. Sorry" she replied with a smile. You could see the signs that the young woman was clearly nervous.

"Would you like anything to drink?" asked Evelynn.

Aoba thought about it for a second. She wanted to look good. She wasn't one for hot drinks but maybe she should. "Coffee?" She asked.

Evelynn order the drinks and sat back down at her desk. "Here you go Lieutenant." said the captain as she handed over the cup of coffee.

"I hope your transfer here wasn't to much of a trouble. " she asked as she took a sip of her own drink.

Aoba took a sip of the coffee and shuddered. It tasted so bitter. "No Captain... everything went fine... I'm just glad to be here"

"Good." she smiled. "I always try to make crew transfers to my command easy and painless. Makes everything go smoothly." Evelynn took another sip of her drink.

"Tell me a little bit about yourself. Something out of the ordinary."

"Erm..." Aoba pondered for a few moments. "I guess I'm an all round computer geek. It's why I chose operations. Oh and my hair, its naturally purple due to a rogue gene" she explained.

"Interesting. Does the rouge gene come from your mother's side or your father side?" asked the captain.

"My mothers" Aoba said. "Its actually a Bolian gene introduced some 100 years ago when one of my relatives married and had children with a Bolian" she explained "Although the Human genetics are 'stronger' so the blue skin and features didn't seem to carry across, just female hair colour" she explained with a smile. "That's what I've been told, Apart from one gene I'm fully Human, apparently the Bolian Gene's faded out after two generations for some reason. No one is really sure why. My cousin is the same, but her hair is a dark blue. She's the Chief Medical Officer on the Starship Mercury".

"Fascinating. When you are settled in and with your permission of course, I'd like to study your genome sometime. I've dabbled in genetics back in my medical days and have never heard of something like this before." said Evelynn.

Aoba blushed slightly, it was an unusual request. "I guess... I've never really looked into it before. Just accepted it, most people think its dyed"

"Well, I guess that's all for now. I'll let you go and get settled in and once again, welcome aboard." said Evelynn as she got up and extended her hand.

Aoba nodded. She stood up and bowed slightly, an old tradition of her people she had yet to break before leaving the ready room.


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Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer

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Chief Operations Officer


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