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Poker Night

Posted on Sun Jan 5th, 2020 @ 3:17am by Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Lieutenant JG Neomi Sabine & Lieutenant JG Rachael Shelbourne & Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant Aoba Suzukaze & Lieutenant Jaton Alyl & Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Ensign Rostra Tang

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Captain's Quarters


Evelynn sat in her ready room. She wanted to do something to get to better know her her crew better. Tapping a few commands on her terminal she sent out a notification.

I open my humble quarters to everyone who is reading this to start off an officer's poker night. Simply arrive at the captain's quarter's around 2000 hrs in casual wear. Bring a drink and/or snack. Can't wait!!

Jaton read over the message and smiled. It had been a long time since he'd played cards. It would be good to get back into the swing of it, even if he wasn't ever that good to begin with. He looked at the time and decided it was close enough to the end of his shift to head off and get ready.

Rostra got the message, and looked over it two or three times. On one hand, it'd be a good way to get to know the crew and socialize. On the other hand, would they let her actually play? On the other other hand, maybe they'd think that she was cheating by playing two hands, though on the other other other hand she could always just play one hand and share the cards.

Or maybe she'd just socialize and help keep the drinks and snacks flowing. Did they do snacks at a poker night? Oh wait, it says to bring snacks! Rostra, you'd lose your own nose if it wasn't right there. With that, the Dalacari started to dig through her imported database to see what she should bring. "Oooo, this is always a hit. And if they don't like it, *I* can at least enjoy it." Oh Rostra, you're so greedy.

J'Loni got the message and decided it was high time to join in some of the activities.

Jaton had changed and brought a bowl of Trill sweet biscuits, a favourite of his from home. He had the bowl securely tucked under his arm, and rang the doorchime on the captain's quarters.

Next to arrive were the twin forms of Rostra Tang, each form dressed in a simple T-Shirt and slacks combination. The shirt was for some form of musical group, demonstrating that yes... Dalacar had music. It also had what looked like a tour schedule on the back, though it was written in Dalacar script. In each twins' grasp was a large bowl of what looked like meatballs. In one bowl, they were blue while the other had green. They smelled exactly like one would expect meatballs to smell like, but in the back end of the scent they also smelled a little like candy. She waited with Jaton for the door to open. "Hi." the pair cheerfully greeted the Trill, who was also technically her boss.

As he walked in with the bottle of Amber shot. YirVass Daar entered wearing a pair of men’s slacks open fronted baseball shirt with a security gold undershirt and his Klingon boots on. He looked over at the sweetbreads on the table he breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m glad I didn’t bring those too.” He smiled at Jaton “I guess you brought them, probably a good idea Amber shot is a little strong for almost everyone except Trills and Klingons, and even some of us find it really sweet.”

"Well, we'll have to see about that," Jaton replied. "Humans can be surprising after all."

Finchley, after having spoken to Admiral Lexton and received his orders, had proceeded to start his research. After a few hours, the invite from the Captain had come as a welcome distraction. "A poker night, that sounds like a good way to spend the evening." He wasn't what you'd call a serious card player, and it'd been a while since he'd shared a deck if he were honest. After a quick shower and changing into something smart but casual, he replicated a couple of 'hedgehogs' of one of his favourite nibbles, a cheese square and a small pickled onion on a cocktail stick. Picking them both up, he made his way to the CO's quarters and was lucky enough to arrive with the doors still open. Entering, he saw a space on a side table and placed the 'hedgehogs' down turned round and said "Good evening everyone, feel free to tuck into the cheese and pickles, I could only carry two, one in each hand, we can always replicate more if they're needed."

J'Loni showered and changed into a traditional Betazoid casual outfit, made a Betazoid dish of dip from oodiberries and headed for the captain's quarters. Walking in, "Evening everyone, I brought a dip from Betazed of oodiberries. It goes great with crackers and tacos", she said.

“Oh I had a friend in the academy that always had Uttaberry crepes for breakfast every morning. He was the size of a house by the end of sophomore year. I guessed from that they are really high in natural sugar.” YirVass said with a smile and finished with you can guarantee I’ll be trying it.”

"I brought a dish from home, too." Rostra said with a smirk, "I hope they work out well for everyone else. The trick is we'd eat one of each at the same time and..."

"... then the full flavor would hit, but I guess for everyone else, you can just eat two at the same time." she stated with a smile on each face. "This sounds like it's going to be such..."

"... a fun social experiment. I can't wait to see it."

"I have no idea how the game is played but it sounds like fun", J'Loni said to Rostra.

"To be honest, neither do I. The games of choice from my time on Earth were chess and backgammon," Jaton said.

Yirvass said “Then we can probably all learn together. Though I have spent some time watching the time I played I don’t seem to be that lucky.”

"Pft...I don't seem to have.....luck? As you say, but I will try to learn this so called game", J'Loni said, sampling some of the food stuffs.

"Shall we get to the game then?" Finchley said, taking his seat.

Nodding in agreement, J'Loni took a seat next to Cmdr. Kerr and waited for the rest of the participants. "Hope I can play this correctly. It sounds like a complicated game".

Rostra looked a bit nervous. There were plenty of seats, sure, but... "I... I don't know if I should play. I mean, I don't know the rules, and I don't want to mistakenly be dealt two hands. I don't want to be accused of cheating, either. I just..."

"... don't know, I mean I *WANT* to play, and I *WANT* to learn how to play, but..." clearly the Dalacari was torn. By her nature she was a social creature, so she wanted to join. But at the same time, she didn't want to risk ruining anyone else's fun, so she didn't know if she should take those two seats.

There was always the option of just getting other people's drinks and food. She could *certainly* manage that.

"Oh Rostra......come on join the game.....I have no idea how to play but it could be fun", J'Loni chided.

With such encouragement, Rostra took up a pair of seats. "Just, deal me one hand." she reminded.

"Captain, would you care to explain the rules of the card game to us?" Finchley said to Evelynn.

The doors opened and a nervous Aoba stepped through. Dresses in a black tank top, slightly cropped so that the bottom of her navel was visible, with a navy light jacket over the top and a silver skirt. Her outfit was completed with black laced boots and leggings.

"This... is the right place right?" She asked. To most of the crew this would be her first time meeting some of them.

The first two to turn to greet Aoba were a set of identical twin creatures. Bipedal, though digitigrade in stance, and looking more like humanoid animals than 'actual people', the pair gave her a pair of smiles at the initial contact. Though they were very careful not to show teeth in their smile.

"Hello. I don't think I've had the chance to meet you before." The twin on the right said, while her sister was content to stay quiet. "It's very nice to meet you. My name is Rostra Tang and I..." and she stopped talking mid-sentence. Boom. Done. Over.

Her sister, however, picked up the conversation flawlessly, as though she were always the initial speaker. "... am so happy to meet a new face. Please, come in and join us all. We haven't even started yet. Oooo, I'm so excited to learn a new game. One all the way from the Alpha..." and it happened again. Instantly just clamped up.

Her sister, true to pattern, picked up, "... Quadrant. Though, awfully fishy of the Federation to pick THEIR quadrant to name the Alpha Quadrant." she finished with a pair of smirks. "Please, come in. There's plenty of food."

"I'm glad you could make it Lieutenant. Grab a plate and drink and join us." said Evelynn. Walking over to her side table she pulled out a small metallic case and layed it on her dining table. Opening it up she pulled out a deck of playing cards and began to lay out some of the chips.

“I can recommend the Uttaberry dip, but they are very sweet so their not everyone’s tastes.” YirVass said looking a little excited to get to play once the captain started laying out the chips.

Finchley rose from his seat and offered his hand to the new arrival "Finchley Kerr, pleased to meet you."

J'Loni turned quickly, "Hello there, welcome to the game. I am J'Loni Mo'Bri, Chief Engineering Officer", she said, extending her hand as well.

Aoba shook their hands. This was a little new to her but she knew that she would need to rely on these people in difficult times which she wished would never cross their path.

As everyone gathered around the table Evelynn began passing out the chips and making sure that everyone got five hundred dollars worth. Then she picked up a deck of cards and began to shuffle them. "Okay the name of the game is Texas Hold'em. If you don't know how to play you'll learn really quick. The first round will be a bit on the slow side so that everyone will get a chance to figure out the game."

"In a normal Texas Hold'em game there is supposed to be a Small blind and a big blind but we will forgo those and just use antes. Five Dollar Ante to start the pot." said the Captain as she threw in a five dollar chip.

Rostra focused her attention to the lesson at hand. Oh this was so exciting! Actually learning something of a game, a game which could yield insight into the social evolution of humanity. Games and art were how you gauged culture, after all. This 'Texas' place must be wondrous, almost a capitol of its time, to have a whole game named after it.

J'Loni tossed a $5 chip into the pot.

YirVass looked at the growing pile of red disks as he added his and awaited the cards he would be dealt once everyone else had anted up.

After everyone tossed in their antes Evelynn began to deal the cards. "Okay. The Cards I am dealing you are whats called your hole cards. Since I'm the dealer the first bet goes to you commander. You can bet, check, raise or fold." said Evelynn.

Finchley looked at his cards, then replied "Check."

Looking at her cards, she had some idea of how to play but J'Loni wasn't sure either.

Jaton didn't know that much about cards but it seemed what he had was probably good. He threw in what everyone else had before. "Check?"

Rostra looked at the two cards she was given with one form, while the other form looked at the growing pile of red chips. "So, if I like the cards I've been dealt, or think they're better than everyone else's cards, I put in a red chip and play continues." she mused. With that consideration, she put in a red chip. "I'm in." said the form tossing in the chip. "Oh, I mean... *ahem* .... Check."

"So, I was wondering." Rostra started. "Is there any cultural significance to the cards? I mean, the picture cards, the suits and colors? These cards seem to have a ..."

"... rather wide following on Earth, especially considering that there's a game named after the capitol city of Texas." a pause, "Texas IS the capitol city, right?"

Chuckling YirVass said “That would be Austin Hold’em, Texas is the state. Second largest state in the US land mass wise.” He checked his cards and tossed in a red disk, “I’ll raise for five.”

Rostra gave a pair of nods, "Thanks for clearing that up. Imagine me on Earth, wondering if this was the principality of Texas, only to learn I was using the wrong terms." she giggled, a musical chorus from both her throats.

"You wouldn't happen to have a primer on the geography and political mapping of Earth? I'd love to learn a little more about one of the founding homeworlds of..."

"... the Federation. I can understand if it's something you can't do right away. Or at all." she inquired. Then one of her forms looked at her cards again. "Ahh, okay. Thought so." the other form mentioned softly, almost to herself. Though with a Dalacari, they actually COULD talk to themselves.

“Not sure principality quite right. Each state, in the court system used to be called Commonwealth, but everywhere else they were called a state of the United States. Which I believe is why they President used to do a yearly. Address That was called the state of the union.” YirVass used his limited knowledge on the twentieth century United States of America, while he waited on the next card to appear.

Aoba had never played this game before. "I'm new to all of this... I'm not very good at cards. So please... go easy on me" she said. She blushed a bright shade of magenta. She wasn't going to mention the one poker night she attended as a young ensign with the operations department on her first assignment, or the fact that it had been a 'different' game as that losers had to remove clothing as a dare. Aoba had only just escaped with a tiny part of her dignity intact that night.

J'Lo i looked at her cards, "Call and I'll raise you five", she said as she tossed another red chip into the pot.

"Erm... same?" Aoba said doing the same, she was still unsure how to play this game.

Rostra's twin forms watched the game with interest. Oh this was SO exciting! A communal game of shared cards with hidden assets, oh this was so thrilling. And the threat of losing money over failed guesses and intel? Oh this was so much fun! But she had to wait her turn.

[To be continued at a later date]

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