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Welcome Back and a New position

Posted on Thu Jul 26th, 2018 @ 6:17pm by Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Various locations

As the Task Force Commander, Captain Evelynn Haught had ways to find out information on people and has ways of slipping their names into the pool for personnel to shuffle out. When she heard that her former first officer Commander Finchly Kerr was heading back into service she made sure that his name was headed to be on the Lantau manifest.

She had always trusted him and had always wished that he would have stayed and pursued his Command career under her wing. Now her old XO was returning in a position that just starfleet will value greatly her in the Delta Quadrant.

It was an unexpected, but very welcome surprise when Finchley found out he was being re-assigned back to his former ship, USS Lantau. He was also grateful to find out that his old CO was still in command, and he was really looking forward to serving with such a distinguished Starfleet Officer again.

Now back on board, he dumped his belongings in his quarters and headed for the bridge. Once there, he made his way towards the Captains Ready Room, and seeing the doors were open, he stopped, pressed the chime and said "Permission to enter Sir?"

Evelynn sat on the couch reading a book when a familiar voice came through the door comms. "Come on in Mister Kerr." she said as she layed the book down on the side table.

The doors opened and Finchley walked inside and across to the Captain "Thank you Captain, it's good to see you again."

"Likewise Commander. Have a seat. Can I get you anything?"

"A triple brandy if there's one available Sir" Finchley said, a smile spreading across his face.

Getting up from the couch Evelynn walked over to the replicator and put in the order as well as refreshing her own drink. A second later she picked up both glasses she handed the commander his drink. "Here you go."

"Thank you Sir" Finchley said, accepting his drink. He took the glass, swirled the brandy inside around, and then brought the glass up to his nose and inhaled the rich fumes and aroma "Well, it's not Napoleon brandy, but it'll do!" he said appreciatively, finally taking a sip.

Lowering the glass down to his lap, he looked at the Captain and said "What have I missed since I've been away Sir?"

"Well we have downloaded the logs from the Clip and are now reviewing them. I am personally looking over the Captain's Logs but I could use a second pair of eyes." said the Captain before sipping on her tea.

"Absolutely Sir" Finchley replied "If you can let me know what files you'd like me to check, I can start going over the ASAP. If I can make a suggestion, the Tactical logs may give us a clue, because if I recall, the USS Clip looked like she'd taken some damage" he finished.

"I will send the folders to your office." Evelynn looked at a padd and punched in a few commands. "I'll see if the Chief Engineer will take a look at those logs along with the Security/Tactical Chief."

"As you wish Sir, and if they're busy, I could have a look at them myself as well as any of the other files you want to give me" Finchley said. He took another sip from his glass and asked "If I may Sir, not meaning to pry, but can you give me any information you've managed to get out of the Clip CO's logs that give us a clue?"

"No not yet, but I believe I'm close. I have gotten to where they have entered the "Dead Zone". said the captain. "Since you're here you mind helping me sift through the last couple logs?"

"Not at all Sir, we can do it now if you want to bring them up onscreen" Finchley replied.

"Sure. Just give me a second." she put her drink down on her desk and input a few commands into the console. A moment later the viewscreen on the far wall flickered to life and an image of a middle aged captain filled the screen.

"This is Captain Jorgina Hypes." said Evelynn before she pressed another control to begin playing the recordings.

"Captain's Log Supplemental,
While investigating this so called "Dead Zone" we have picked up some kind of intermittent signals from an unknown source. Sensors are bouncing false echoes but my science officer believes that he has detected some kind of ship."

"The sheer fact that the ship was detecting 'something' is a starting point" Finchley said "Once we've finished here Sir, I'd like your permission to try and find that source."

"That would be most appreciated Commander."

"Very good Sir" Finchley replied "May I have your permission to be dismissed and go and check to see if we can locate the source?"

"Permission granted. Keep me informed on what you discover." said Captain Haught. She wanted to get to the end of this mystery once and for all.


This post was written by:

Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Finchley Kerr
Chief Intel Officer/2XO


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