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Getting back into action

Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2019 @ 10:02pm by Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: Current

Finchley was feeling a little antsy. Not used to being cooped up in his quarters for more than just a sleep, his recent situation had seen him given a suggestion to rest up for a little while before thinking of a return to duty. He was trying think of what constituted 'a little while' and for him, the last twenty four hours seemed appropriately so.

Tapping his COMM badge he said "Kerr to the Captain, Sir, are you free for a chat just now?"

Evelynn had just finished reading some reports that her assistant back at Iota station had sent her in regards to the Task Force. Placing the padd down on her desk she tapped the comm panel. "Sure. I'm in my ready room." she said.

"Thank you Sir, I'll be there shortly" Finchley replied.

Some minutes later Finchley exited the turbolift and was suddenly aware that the bridge went very quiet, in fact, there was no sound at all, everyone turned to look at him. Trying not to show that he'd noticed that this was happening, he made his way over to the Ready Room door and pressed the chime.

Evelynn hadn't been waiting long when she heard the door chime. "Come in Commander." she said.

"Thank you Sir" Finchley said as he entered the room and made his way over to the CO's desk. Feeling slightly awkward at what had happened just moments ago, but tried not to let it show as he said "Thank you for taking the time to see me Sir, I know you'll be busy."

"Have a seat, tell me what's on your mind." she said.

"I apologize for not being in uniform Sir, but I've been told to take it easy for a little while" Finchley said "If I could come straight to the point though Captain, I was wondering if you'd managed to speak with the medical staff Sir, and if you had, was there any sort of time table for my return to duty?" he asked.

"I had just finished reading the reports and both Doctor MacKenzie and Counselor Sebine before you arrived and they both have decided to authorize letting you return to light duty for a period of three weeks, as long as you feel up to it. After that you can return to full time duty. " said Evelynn.

"And I'm delighted with that assessment Sir, and yes I'm up for it" Finchley replied, more than a little relieved "I'd like to thank the Chief Counsellor, CMO and yourself for that decision, it takes a weight off my mind. Though having said that, the reaction I had on the bridge may be one I need to get used to for a little while."

This latest information peaked Evelynn interest. "Can you elaborate a bit more?" she asked. "What kind of reaction was it?

"I don't really know if you can define it properly Sir" Finchley began "but when I came out of the turbolift, everyone just seemed to...stop and stare. I didn't look at everyone, only a few, but there was amazement, curiosity, mistrust, even suspicion from some that the 'walking dead' was on the bridge. It kind of made me feel like I was on view."

"I'm sure that its just something for everyone to get used to." said the captain. "Its not everyday that a crew loses one of their senior staff only to have them come back to life hours later."

"That's the perplexing thing though Captain, was I actually officially dead?" Finchley asked, not sure at all himself what the answer was "I mean, I don't want any of the crew thinking I'm some kind of zombie type, maybe after a brandy or five yes, but when sober and on duty, I would like to think that they still see me as their Chief Intelligence Officer, and still as Finchley Kerr, the human being."

"Well according Doctor MacKenzie's report you did in fact die from complications from something, now whether it was that virus you injected yourself with or the Borg nanoprobes or a combination of both still remains a mystery. But as far as the crew goes, you are still the second officer. It may just take a little time for things to get back to normal." Evelynn said.

"You're right Sir" Finchley replied "I guess I'm just not used to the idea yet that what happened is an oddity. If I can ask Captain, as I've not yet read the reports, what happened with the rest of the USS Clips crew?"

"They're in quest quarters. The USS Firestorm is going to meet up with us at the Delicari Homeworld to ferry them back to the Alpha Quadrant." said Evelynn. "I feel for Captain Hypes. Loosing a ship." she paused a moment. "There will be an investigation and a possible court marshal."

"A court marshal?" Finchley said questioningly "that seems a bit drastic Sir, are there any extenuating circumstances? I mean, loosing your ship to the Borg ship we ourselves encountered seems a little drastic" he finished.

"Its standard procedure when a Commanding Officer looses a ship." said Evelynn. "I don't like it any more that any Commanding Officer out there."

Finchley nodded and remained silent for a few moments. "I hear we're heading for some R & R Sir, anywhere special?" he asked.

"We are visiting the planet Delicarii, the homeworld of our Assistant Chief Science Officer Ensign Tang." said the Captain.

Finchley nodded his head and shrugged his shoulders "I guess it's as good and plain as anywhere else, so long as the crew get some rest and relaxation" he said as he stood up. "If you don't mind, I'll head back to my quarters now Captain, thanks for seeing me."

Evelynn smiled and nodded as she watched her second officer leave her ready room.


Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer
USS Lantau

Lt/Commander Finchley Kerr
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Lantau


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