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The After Mission Chat

Posted on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 10:09pm by Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri

Mission: Delta Downtime
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

J'Loni's was surprised with how the past mission ended. It was one mission she had hoped that would never repeat itself, at least not for her mentally. She needed to speak with the captain, not with the counselor but with Haught. She understood J'Loni better and had offered to help her if she felt she needed to talk.

Tapping her combadge, " Captain, you got a few moments? need to talk with you", J'Loni asked.

[Captain's quarters - Deck 2 --Cabin 0836]

Evelyn's was laying down on her couch with a book splayed open above her head. Often times she found it soothing to read when she was laying down on her back. As she started the next chapter of Left Behind when he communication's channel beeped.

"I'm in my quarter's J'Loni. You are more than welcome to come here or I can meet you somewhere if you'd prefer." said Evelyn's.

J'Loni made her way from her office to Deck 2 and hit the door chime. There was something on her mind and it kinda bothered her deeply.

Evelynn was already expecting company. Sitting on the couch she looked at the doors. "Come in J'Loni." she called out.

Walking in J'Loni sat gingerly on the couch near Haught. Sighing, "Captain.....I must apologize for my behavior during our recent mission. I know I acted in a manner unbecoming an officer and a warrior. The strong emotions of everyone and my own lack of blocking them hindered the mission. Had I realized what the 2XO was planning......maybe I could have found a better way of delivering the nanoprobes", she added.

Evelynn sat taking in what the Chief Engineer was saying. "You don't need to apologize." she said. "Sometimes when someone comes up with a plan at the spur of the moment they often forget to involve others until it to late, so don't worry yourself over what could have been. You can't be the miracle worker all the time."

"I understand that part but why then do I feel like some how part of it is my fault?", J'Loni said solomly. It was not like J'Loni to be bothered by things of this nature but this time it was.

Evelynn had thought long and hard for her next answer. "I can't answer that." Evelynn said. "That's a question that you yourself need to figure out."

"Ok but what if I can't figure it out? What then?", J'Loni said looking at Haught. Getting up, she walked to the window and looked out at the stars. "I know it wasn't my fault per say, but that doesn't negate the feeling that some how maybe I could have done more", turning to look at Haught, "I know he survived and is alive but part of him died that day captain and I can't believe he is the same person now. I respect Cmdr. Kerr so much I feel like he could pass for my father. Oh, I just don't know what to think anymore", J'Loni said sinking into the chair again. She was distraught and confused yet sure of one thing, she would have to speak with him alone.

Evelynn thought for a moment and then came to realize something. Maybe what her chief engineer was looking for was something that she couldn't give. "J'Loni, maybe what you are looking for is forgiveness. Forgiveness for not being able to be there when the need arose. I can tell you, there is only one person whom you need to see about that and we both know who that is." said the captain as she looked at her friend and comrade.

"Yeah, you are right as always, Captain. I guess it is something that I must do if I am ever going to clear my mind", J'Loni said almost in a hushed tone. Clearly, J'Loni had dreaded facing Cmdr. Kerr since tge incident. She had no idea if the whole thing had changed him since then and it did make her apprehensive. Regardless she would have to do it and soon.

"Thanks Captain for listening. I appreciate your letting me come at this unholy hour and unload on you", J'Loni said softly. Standing, J'Loni did something a self respecting Klingon would never do......she hugged the Captain.

Evelynn returned the hug. "You are welcome here anytime." said the captain.


Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer

Lt. Commander J'loni MoBri
Chief Engineering Officer


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