USS Lantau
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The Battle begins Part 4

Posted on Tue Mar 12th, 2019 @ 2:03am by Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Lieutenant Commander Johnny Walker & Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant JG Addison MacKenzie & Ensign Rostra Tang & Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Lieutenant Commander Shr'Nesh Karadis
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Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Borg cube/USS Lantau
Timeline: Current.

[Borg cube]

Finchley had been glad that the USS Clip crew would be beamed off of the Borg cube, but the stark truth after that was he'd faced a terrible fate. Now, with tubules in his neck and Borg nanoprobes invading his veins, the virus his blood bore was fighting back, and his body was a battlefield. Though the drones and Quirelis were almost stock still, he flailed around, screeching, screaming and banging off of walls as his tortured frame first succumbed to Borg implants, then the virus closing them down and the nanoprobes trying to re-establish them again.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………." he screamed loudly as his body felt like a thousand fires had suddenly burst into being "hel....hel…" he called out...."

[Bridge Engineering Station]

Still holding on to the console, J'Loni's frozen mind was locked with Cmdr. Kerr's emotions. She could feel his emotions as they were intense enough to actually drive her serotonin levels to a dangerous level. Her head ached horribly as her body was physically wracked by the Commander's pain, which was getting worse by the moment. "Captain! We have to get him out of there......", she groaned. Finally slipping to the deck, J'Loni's body went limp as her mind shut down, but left her body with residual twitches.

[Bridge Tactical Station]

From his position just behind Captain Haught YirVass was waiting the weapons were in flux and the other systems but there was one that didn’t change. As soon as the shields dropped he said “Shield are down Captain we can get Commander Kerr and the clips crew whenever your ready, Ma’am!”

"Bridge to transporter room. Beam Commander Kerr and the Clip crew on board. Beam them directly to sickbay."

[Borg cube/USS Lantau]

The blue haze of a transporter beam enveloped Finchley and he disappeared from the chamber he was in with the Borg drones and Quirelis, then rematerialized in Sickbay on board the USS Lantau. He was still calling out in pain and writhing about as the battle for supremacy was fought inside his body between the nanoprobes and the virus to inhibit them...


The Clip's crew had already started beaming over. Some were being triaged in the cargo bay while more important cases were being kept in Main Sickbay. Addison was trying to help execute triage protocol until she had gotten word that Commander Kerr was in the process of being transported. Suddenly, she heard screaming. Looking over, horrified, Addison called out.

"You and you," she said pointing to two nearby medical officers, "you're with me." She rushed over to meet Finchley at the biobed he'd been transported to. "Hold him down!" she yelled. Reaching to one of the nearby tables, she located a hypospray and loaded it with Ambrazine, which would sedate him. She pressed the hypospray to his neck and watched as he quickly fell silent.

Shaking her head rapidly, Addison could tell just by looking at him that it wasn't good. "Get him next door to the surgical suite and get him prepped. Pull anyone you think we can spare. I'll meet you there as soon as I can."

Addison left Sickbay right behind Finchley and the medical officers and entered the surgical suite behind them. She ducked into a tiny room off to the side, which was meant for sterilizing doctors before surgery. Addison stripped the majority of her uniform and activated the sonic shower. It burned slightly, as it always had. Addison assumed this was because to be truly sanitary, the vibrations from the shower must actually strip away some of the surface of the skin. Her mind raced during the shower, which seemed like an eternity, preparing for the mountain she was about to climb. When the shower turned off, she quickly donned a red surgical gown and gloves and went to meet the rest of the team.

"What have we got?" Addison said, rushing into the surgical suite. She squinted her eyes at the large overhead display on the wall which was displaying Finchley's vital signs.

"It's bad, Doctor," Nurse Evan McQueen reported. Evan was young, but she had worked with him enough to know that he was cool under pressure. The edge in his voice was unsettling. "The virus is totally in conflict with the Borg implants. The implants are trying to integrate themselves into his system, and then the virus get stronger in response. One is trying to win out over the other, and he's going into organ failure."

"Options," Addison said curtly.

"I think we need to get the virus under control," McQueen argued. "The Borg nanoprobes will take over and Commander Kerr will be assimilated, but they'll also begin repairing his body. We have a better chance of removing the implants and getting him back after that."

"I disagree, Doctor," her AMO Derek Kensington responded. "I think we need to remove the implants. The virus will go dormant and we can work on the matter of the Borg nanoprobes still in his system after that."

Suddenly, a loud alert filled the room. Addison's gaze returned to the overhead display. "What's happening??" Addison yelled.

"He's gone into cardiac arrest, ma'am!" Evan responded.

"Dammit," Addison whispered to herself. "Cardiac inducer, now!" she ordered. Several nurses got the equipment and placed the halo around Finchley's head.

"Charge to 200 Joules," Addison ordered. "Now!"

Finchley's body jolted in response.

"Nothing, ma'am..." Evan responded.

"Charge to!"

"Still nothing, ma'am.

Addison paused for a moment. "Exoscalpel!" she ordered.

"...Ma'am, what are you doing?" Evan questioned while handing her the instrument.

"We're going to stimulate his heart manually," Addison said, climbing up on a platform to gain better leverage. She raised the scalpel and started to cut into his chest. "I need cardio stimulators on standby, and someone start coming up with a plan to remove his implants."

Having made a sufficient incision in his chest, Addison reached her hand in and started massaging Finchley's heart. His organs were cool - cooler than they should have been. They matched the grey color of his skin. "Cardio stimulators here, and here," she pointed, removing her hands. "Charge to 75... now."

Finchley's body shook but minimally compared to the last time. A smaller stimulation is required when placed directly on the heart to avoid permanent damage.

"Nothing ma'am," Evan said over the alarm which was still beeping.

"Charge to 125... now!" Addison ordered.

Finchley jumped, but minimally. "Nothing, ma'am..."

"Again!" Addison ordered.

Finchley jumped but was otherwise unresponsive.

"Again!!" Addison yelled.

Finchley jumped. Still nothing.

"Again!!!" Addision yelled.

"Ma'am..." Evan said, softer than before. "I think we've done all we can..."

Addison turned to face him. There was a darkness in her eyes that he had never seen before. "We are not done here until I SAY we are done." She turned back to Finchley. "And YOU are not doing to die on me today." She took a breath. "150... now!"

Finchley jumped, unresponsive.


Still no response.

"Again!!" Addison screamed, nearly hoarse this time.

Finchley's body moved but was still unresponsive.

Something in Addison's instinct took over. Her posture shrunk, defeated. She lowered her head, took in a heavy breath, and slowly let it back out. The noise had suddenly died away, despite the fact that the alarm was still beeping around them. Slowly raising her eyes, she looked at the chronometer on the wall before declaring, "Time of death: 1325."

Addison turned toward the door and started to move in silence. She went to itch her face with the back of her hand, inadvertently smearing his blood on her cheek. Removing the gloves and the hood covering her head, she didn't bother to remove the rest of the gown before she exited the surgical bay before heading toward the turbolift.


When the doors opened, Addison slowly made her way out of the lift. She locked eyes with her CO. "Captain Haught, Commander Kerr is dead."

Evelynn was distraught at the news that her second officer was gone. Just then her gaze moved toward the back of the bridge where she saw a figure lying on the floor. "J'Loni!" caled out Evelynn. Doctor!"

Addison reached for one of the medkits, moved swiftly toward the Chief Engineer and knelt down. Opening the tricorder, Addison saw that J'Loni's vital signs were normal, but she had low levels of psilosynine. Loading a hypospray with Seratonin, Addison reported to the Captain. "She's suffering dangerously low levels of psilosynine - it's the neurotransmitter responsible for Betazoid telepathy. I'm administering a dose of Seratonin to help counter the effect." Addison pressed the hypospray to J'Loni's neck.

Slowly, very slowly, J'Loni began to come around, "He's not dead, he's not dead, nooo, he is NOT DEAD! I can sense him, his mind, I can sense him, Captain!", she daid struggling to sit up. "Captain, Doctor, Commander Kerr is not DEAD! He is still alive but barely. The virus, its fighting the nanoprobes!", J'Loni screamed as tears began to form in her eyes. "He needs to be put in stasis, please!", she cried. "Captain he lives, his mind is alive! I can't explain it but he is alive", she said.

Addison looked up and locked eyes with the Captain. She shook her head as if to indicate that was definitely not the case.

J'Loni's blood seritonan levels were unbalanced still and it truly messed her empathic abilities up. With being in contact through the pain of the Clips crew, and that of Cmdr. Kerr, her mind exploded and it took its toll on her not only mentally but physically. Through the tears and her still clouded mind came the stark realization that indeed Cmdr. Kerr was dead and what she was sensing was the residual electronic pulses of his dying brain. " Kahless.'s gone!", she said. From down in the depths of hell came a sound like no other, J'Loni growled softly at first and then it rose in creshendo into a deep blood curdling sound.............,"Rooooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!", as she asked that the Gates of Stovo'cor open and admit Cmdr. Kerr's soul as a warrior. Collapsing in a heap grieving for him, a man she had never really got to know, hurt her deeply.

As the sound of the Klingon death roar started low and then reached its climax, the binary form of the resident science officer started to twitch. With the rise in volume and energy, a twitch started at the tips of her tails and eventually reached up to the very tips of her ears. What a curious species, but loud. Aggressive, certainly, from her readings but experiencing it first hand was still just as jarring. Though, she quickly pulled her attention back to the time and place at hand. They were still in an ordeal with the Borg, though divergent they may be.

"Standing by to restore shields, on a rotating Base14 modulation." she offered, one form turning back to the Captain while her other form maintained her direct attention on her console.

Looking at J'Loni. "Lieutenant, I want you down in sickbay until you are fully recovered." Now she looked at the doctor as if to say, would you take care of this.

"No captain I will remain at my post. There is one place on that cube that can lead to the whole thing going up in one shot. I studdied the Starfleet history of Captain Picard and he found that sweet spot", J'Loni stated as she got up from the floor and stood looking at the captain. "With all due respect sir I will not leave my post now with the daunting task that is at hand", she added.

Addison looked at Captain Haught and raised an eyebrow as if to say, "Your call, boss."

Standing back up Evelynn went back to the Command area. "What's the status of the Borg ship Commander?" she asked her first officer while starring at the view-screen.

Johnny had been having a hard time focusing on the readings that were coming from the Borg ship with everything that had been going on on the bridge over what seemed like hours, but in actuality was only a couple of minutes. "The virus seems to be working, at least in part, ma'am. The Borg's defensive systems are down, I think if we focus our fire on certain areas, they will be destroyed." With a couple of keystrokes, he sent the coordinates to the tactical station.

"Let's make sure they don't bother anyone else. Lieutenant, arm phasers and torpedoes. Prepare to fire on my command." Evelynn was glad to be putting an end to an enemy that had threatened Starfleet for so many years.

YirVass prepped the weapons in seconds, he knew the information that he was getting would be good. He had been studying the information from the Enterprise Echo’s tactical information from their Borg encounter. “Weapons ready on your command Captain.”

Turning around to go sit in her Command chair Evelynn saw that her Chief Engineer was still on the bridge.

"I thought I ordered you to sick bay Lieutenant. Now move!" she gave J'Loni a look that would frighten first year cadets. "Once the doctor clears you fit for duty you can return to the bridge. Leave the information about destroying the borg ship with Mister Daar."

J'Loni was bristling with only the rage a klingon could have. Sending her cowering behind a doctor was the ultimate insult to a Klingon Warrior. " Under protest sir do I leave like a coward in the face of battle!". Turning, she left the mini-PADD with Daar and walked off the bridge with the doctor.

Evelynn made a mental note to talk with her about her comment. she needed officers to follow orders rather than question them or protest.

"Alright, everyone. Let's end this. Mister Daar...FIRE!"

“Aye Captain!” Was all YirVass said between letting his eyes flit across the padd which showed him and agreed with exactly what he had gleaned from Captain Picard and the Enterprise Echo’s crew had done. His fingers gracefully flickered across his panels and the weapons flashed out from the Phaser arrays and pulsed away from the torpedo tubes. “Torpedoes away Captain phasers biting chucks away without effort Ma’am.”

"Shields at eighty six percent and holding. Rotating cyphers on shield modulation." one of the twin officers that occupied the Science terminal announced. Each form seemed far more relaxed now that the angry screaming Klingon wasn't on the Bridge. The pair worked in perfect tandem, one single unifying consciousness between the two forms.

[Intelligence Office]

Ensign Horix entered the Intel office and approached Lieutenant Karadis.

As Karadis heard the steps, she looked up and began to say "Ah, good Horix, I was just about to..." then she noticed that the junior officer looked puffy round the eyes, like she'd been rubbing them, "Is everything ok Ensign?"

Horix shook her head and took a very deep breath "We just got word...." she began to say, but a sob stuck in her throat and she stopped.

"Just got word about what?" Karadis asked, fear now building inside her at an accelerated rate.

"It's the...Commander..." Horix stumbled over the words.

Karadis now got half way out of her seat, and her voice raised as notch as she asked "What about him Horix???"

"He's dead Sir!" Horix whispered "Complications from the Borg nanoprobes and virus fighting it out in his system."

Karadis stood upright, mouth agape, then suddenly she charged for the door. She ran down the corridor to the turbolift and made her way to Sickbay.


Running into Sickbay, Karadis grabbed the nearest nurse by the arms, shook them and demanded "Where's Commander Kerr?"

"Lieutenant, the Commander died a little while ago" the nurse said, trying to shrug off the Intel officer.

"I SAID WHERE'S COMMANDER KERR!!!" Karadis yelled, sticking her face in close to the nurses.

"Biobed four, but you can't..." the nurse began to say.

Karadis literally threw the nurse to the side as she looked around for the Biobed mentioned. She saw it and ran over to it, grabbing the top of the sheet that was there over a body.

"Lieutenant, you can't do that!" the nurse protested, and began to storm over towards Karadis.

Karadis turned and glared daggers at the nurse and said "Take one more step to try to stop me, and I'll kill you where you stand!!!"

The nurse stopped I their tracks, seeing the wildness in the woman shouting at her.

Karadis turned back to the body, took hold of the sheet again and slowly pulled it back to uncover the face. As it slowly revealed that face, the features on her own crumbled as she saw Finchley. Her body went limp and she sagged and leaned against the side of the Biobed. Then she suddenly stood up again, an uncontrollable rage enveloping her as she began to thump his body with her clenched fist "You stupid bastard, you stupid stupid bastard, you promised me you'd come back alive, you" and she fell across his body crying uncontrollably, ""

The nurse slowly approached Karadis and gently lifted her off of Finchley's body saying "Come on Lieutenant, let's get you to a seat."

J'Loni walked into sickbay and headed for a bio bed, but stopped short, grabbing her head in pain. The strong emotions from the Lieutenant slammed her already rocky brain, making her knees buckle and hit the deck. " head!!!!!! To much emotion!!!!!", she hollered.

Addison looked around, taking stock of things since she had left. "Here, let me help you." She assisted J'Loni to a bed, loaded a hypospray with a mild sedative and waived the nearest counselor over.

J'Loni's head hurt so bad she almost lost consciousness. All she wanted was the pain to stop and for that to happen she needed a neural block to stop the empathy. The strong emotions of the Lieutenant were causing her pain. "A.....neural blocker....pleaeeseeeee.....the pain....emotions to strong. To close.......argh!!!!!", grabbing her head again.

Addison loaded a vial of Rexlin into the hypospray and gave her a low dose. With an index finger, she pointed at the counselor and then to J'Loni with an insistent eye.

With her head beginning to respond to the neural blocker, her head ache began to ease up. Relaxing finally, she opened her eyes and looked around. She saw the body of Kerr and not to far from where he lay was Lt. Karadis in a state of shock by now. It was her strong emotion of anger, rage, and sorrow that took J'Loni's mind and caused it to react the way it did. "Thankyou Dr. Addison for listening. It is not the first time this has happened. The overly strong emotions on Commander Kerr and that of Lt. Karadis, caused my empathy to overload like that", J'Loni said.


"Shields stable and holding." Rostra called out from her occupied terminal.

Lt. Jones, who took over the engineering station when J'Loni fell, "Engineering will supply all the power you need as long as we can without putting the engines and the core in the red", he replied.

Captain Haught looked at the small display on her command chair which gave her information from all the different bridge consoles. Looking at her small sensor data she could tell that the Borg vessel was on the verge of collapsing in on itself and she had the oppertunity to help it along.

Standing up she gently straightened her uniform tunic. "Lets take out the garbage and put these mindless automatons out of their miseries." Evelynn was fed up with the Borg at this point. They not only assimilated some of the Clips crew and had just killed Commander Kerr.

YirVass Daar took that as an open order to fire and did exactly that. He worked his fingers deftly across his panels and then through the electrical system and milliseconds later the phasers and torpedoes fired. “Weapons away Captain.”

As the last volley of phasers and torpedoes hit the Borg ship a big flash of bright orange, red, and amber filled the view-screen. Covering her eyes briefly to protect from the blinding flash Evelynn sighed a bit of relief. They had just defeated the Borg ship. Now it was time to leave and head back to safer territory.

"Helm, set a course to get us out of the dead zone, maximum speed." She turned to face her first officer. "Commander Walker, you have the bridge. I'll be in sickbay."

Johnny got up from his chair. "Understood, ma'am." Part of him wanted to join the Captain in sickbay to check on the senior staff, but knew his place was on the bridge.


Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught
Commanding Officer

Lt. Commander Johnny Walker
Executive Officer

Lt. Commander Finchley Kerr
Chief Intelligence Officer

Lt. J'Loni MoBri
Chief Engineering Officer

Lt. Jg. Yirvass Daar
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Lt. Jg. Addison MacKenzie
Chief Medical Officer

Ensign Rostra Tang
Assistant Chief Science Officer

Numerous NPC's


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