USS Lantau
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A Counselor's job is never done

Posted on Tue Mar 19th, 2019 @ 12:41am by Lieutenant Neomi Sabine & Lieutenant JG Addison MacKenzie & Ensign Allyn Beyett

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Just after the Clip crew is beamed off the Borg Cube


Addison was busy flying around Sickbay making sure that the medical bays were prepped and ready to treat survivors. Instead of being concerned only with getting Commander Kerr back, it was relayed from the bridge that the Clip's crew were alive and being held on the Borg ship. At this point, it was impossible to know in what state the crew would be found, so Addison ordered triage teams standing by.

It's sometimes easy to think about medical treatment as being limited to patching up the injuries sustained by those under our care, but that treatment also extends to the psychological issues we can't see. Even if most of the Clip's crew was physically fine, they were likely to suffer mental trauma to various degrees. It was important to have counselors on hand to work with the survivors.

And then there was Commander Kerr...

Addison pressed a button on the panel on her desk. "Counselor Sabine, please report to my office."

Neomi tapped her commbadge. "On my way Doctor," she said getting up from her desk. Neomi had recently joined the Lantau crew back at Iota Station.

Walking down the corridor Neomi began thinking back to her time at Starfleet Medical and what her teachers were saying about patients who can possibly suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or any multiple disorders from trauma.

Entering the turbolift she gave the computer her destination request. "Sickbay." Riding the lift in silence Neomi began to think many steps ahead when it came to the Clip crew she was about to counsel.

Sickbay was a buzz of activity when Neomi entered. She saw patients sitting or laying on bio-beds being tendered to the ships, medical staff. Her own job as Counselor was soon to be upon her. Standing at the doorway to the doctor's office she cleared her throat. "You wanted to see me Addison?" called Neomi. As a Counselor, she was taught that calling someone by their first name gives a sense of calmness and opens up a friendship and she began making it a habit in her daily routine.

Addison smiled and gestured to the seat opposite from her. "Have a seat Neomi," Addison paused, waiting for the counselor to sit before continuing. "I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing... the calm before the storm where it's the last chance to get our thoughts together before the chaos starts."

Allyn fled the holding area and ran into the corridor wild eyed and filled with terror. The shock from the Borg had literally shorted her mind. She was almost catatonic and had a hard time speaking clearly.

"I just wanted to go over what I expect procedurally during this operation," Addison said, handing a PADD to her colleague. "The incoming crewmen will be triaged physically and psychologically. We'll get them first, tend to everyone appropriately in accordance with proper triage protocol, and then we'll send them over to you where you'll essentially do the same thing. I've got all of the medical bays up and running and the surgical suites on standby, so we should have plenty of room for everyone. If it turns out that you don't have room in your offices for patients, we can have a cargo bay converted into a makeshift space for you. Do you have any questions?"

After ten minutes of running like a wild animal, she finally found sickbay. Bursting through the door, she stood thete shaking uncontrollably, gasping for air and now completely unable to think clearly, "Help ME! Pleassse?", she pleaded.

Addison and Neomi rose from their seats and moved out into main Sickbay to find Ensign Beyett, clearly dishevled.

Allyn backed up from the approaching women. All she could discern was that they were going to hurt her. " away from me!!......your not going to assimilate me!! me.....please......", Allyn cried, collapsing on the floor as the wall stopped her backward retreat.

Addison gestured to two of her AMO's to assist (and restrain if necessary) the woman and nodded to Neomi. "I think you're up, Counselor."

Allyn was wild eyed as she watched the forms approach her. In her mind these were Borg drones coming for her and she had to get away. Looking wildly around for an escape route, she saw her chance. Bolting from the floor, using the wall to help give her momentum, she launched herself into the small hole between the med tech's, scrambling to get her footing. "Let me go......let me OUT!!", she yelled.

Addison looked to Neomi. "If we can't restrain her, we're going to have to call security..."

Neomi motioned for the med-techs to get the woman some space. "I'm going to try and calm her down. Get a hypospray ready." she whispered to Addison.

Now looking at the woman, Neomi spoke in a calming voice. "You're safe now. You are on the Starship Lantau. No one here is going to hurt you." said Neomi as she slowly inched toward the young ensign.

Allyn slid on the floor trying to gain her footing. Sitting still for a moment, trying to sort out her mind, she heard someone talking to her. Looking at the woman, she froze in panic. Hearing the voice, but not hearing the human voice, all she heard was the Borg talking and the sheer terror made Allyn freeze, unable to move, paralyzed where she sat. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came from her. Her eyes were so filled with terror all she could do was cry. Her mind told her that she had lost and she was about to lose her humanity and individuality.

Addison started to move forward with a hypospray. She nodded subtly to Neomi, and an unspoken word passed between them. As Neomi was distracting Allyn, Addison pressed the hypospray to her neck and watched her slowly start to calm and drift.

Addison raised her eyebrows and turned to Neomi. "You'd better get all hands on deck. I suspect this day is just getting started."

Neomi tapped her commbadge and called for those who had training in counseling to report to sickbay at their earliest for duty.

Turning to Addison, "If its okay with you doctor, I'm going to stay here until she wakes up. That way I can calm her down in a more controled environment." said Neomi

"Of course, Lieutenant." Addision smiled. "Let me know if you need anything else before it gets crazy in here."

Allyn was beginning to wake slowly, her mind still in a fog, opened her eyes slowly to the lights of sickbay. " did I get here", she muttered, trying to sit up. "No! The borg where......", she started to say but when her vision did clear did she realize where she was. "What happened to the rest of the crew?", she said, laying down again. She had a hell of a headache and she was under some type of drug that kept her calm.

Neomi walked over to the bed. "My name is Neomi Sabine, Chief Counselor. You are on the USS Lantau. The rest of your crew-mates are here in sickbay. Can you tell me your name?"

"Ensign Allyn Beyett, Helm Officer USS Clip", Allyn said softly. How did you find us?" she asked.

"We detected your life signs and a member of our crew negotiated for your release." said Neomi.

"Where is the one that found us? I want to thank him", Allyn said softly.

Neomi looked over at the far bio-bed where the body of Commander Kerr lay. "I'm afraid he didn't make it."

A look of horror and terror flooded her face again, "Oh no!!!!! Not him!!!!, but why....why did he die.....he didn't need to die. Oh why?", she started crying again. Allyn was almost hysterical again. Seeing the body, lying on the biobed was what shook her up.

"From what I know it was a complication." said Neomi. "You see, Commander Kerr injected himself with some kind of virus in hopes of destroying the Borg and he was also assimilated. Apparently there was some kind of complication. It's no one's fault. You shouldn't blame yourself."

Allyn was so sad and felt helpless seeing the body of Commander Kerr laying there, and seeing the Leiutenant crying did not help. Suddenly she got angry, very angry. "If I ever see another BORG I'm gonna KILL THEM ALL!", she yelled in rage.

Neomi reached out and placed a calming hand on Allyn's shoulder. "Try and remain calm. You don't want to overexcite yourself." she said in a reassuring voice. "I know you want vengeance but right now you need to concentrate on getting better."

Allyn's rage was not quelled by the counselor's hand. She only saw Borg in her minds eye and she attempted to get up. "I'm gonna kill you all", she said, and lunged at the med technician.

"I need a hypospray over here!" yelled Neomi.

Peeking her head out of her office, Addison saw the scene unfold before her eyes. She swiftly moved toward the nearest medical cart, picked up a hypospray and loaded a sedative. Nodding to two nurses, Addison moved behind Allyn as the nurses moved to hold her arms. Pressing the hypospray to her neck, Addison caught her as she fell backward.

"I think that's all for now, Counselor..." Addison said.

"That I can agree with. I'm going to go down to my office to get some work done and to begin a psychological analysis on what all I have so far. If you need me for anything else just let me know." said Neomi.

Addison nodded. "Very good, Counselor. I'll let you know when she's awake."

Lt. Neomi Sabine [NPC-Haught]
Chief Counselor
USS Lantau

Lieutenant JG Addison MacKenzie
Chief Medical Officer
USS Lantau

Ensign Allyn Beyett [NPC-J'Loni]
Helm Officer
USS Clip


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