USS Lantau
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The Battle begins Part 2

Posted on Thu Dec 20th, 2018 @ 12:20am by Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Lieutenant Commander Johnny Walker & Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Lieutenant JG Addison MacKenzie & Ensign Rostra Tang & Lieutenant Commander Shr'Nesh Karadis

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: USS Lantau/Borg cube
Timeline: Current.


YirVass was working across his console and quickly saw the change of distance and direction. “Captain we have an issue, sir. The Borg have decided it is time to defend themselves.” As he said it he ramped up the alert from yellow to red.

"On our way." Evelynn got up from her perched spot and walked out onto the bridge. "Weapon status?"

“Cold at the moment sir but many Captains has been faced with exactly that at this distance and have it change as they got close enough to cutting chunks out of the vessel.” Yirvass said before he added, “That is why I went to Red Alert Sir.”

"Understood Lieutenant," said Evelynn as she moved more to the center ⁿof the bridge.

"This could be the opportunity that we're looking for Captain," Finchley said "and they're coming to us. My suggestion is to contact them and speak to this...Quirelis, and parley with him!"

Evelynn gave a nod to open a channel with the Borg ship. "This is Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught of the Federation Starship USS Lantau. To whom am I talking to?"


"This is Quirelis of Borg, lower your shields, resistance is futile!" the Borg's voice came back.

Finchley looked round at the CO "Sir, I have an idea, but we need to stall the Borg for a little while, if you can do that we may have a chance of defeating them. I don't have time to explain it all right now, but if you can meet me and Karadis in Sickbay in a few minutes, I'll try to make it clearer!" he said, rushing over to the turbolift and getting inside.

"Very well commander," said Evelynn. Watching the Intelligence officer leave the bridge as she began to issue orders."

YirVass continued to watch as the Borg kept coming. “I hope whatever this is about comes to light soon!” He said almost to himself.


With now red alert klaxons going off, she banged the engineering com pannel open, "All engineering department heads grab your people and lock down engineering", she hollered before she shut the com line and opened the one for the bridge. "Captain engineering ready and locked down. Now exactly what in the name of Kahless is going on? We run into bad guys as in Borg?", she said, racing into main engineering and scanning the ships systems. J'Loni knew about the Borg and also knew about what they could do, so she too had a few ideas of her own for engineering protection. Ane would be damned if they were going to get control of her engine room. If she had a chance to keep the Lantau from becoming another trophy she would die trying to save her and crew. She was no super being but the warrior in her drove her to be who and what she is...more Klingon than anthing.

"Yes Lieutenant, distribute handheld weapons to your staff " said the captain over the intercom.

"I will issue for my people to carry their personal phasers at all times", she said.


Walking over to where her Chief Tactical officer worked Evelynn leaned in a bit closer. "Lieutenant, in order to stall the Borg we need to keep them occupied. I really don't want to get into a battle with them but if they act first we may not have a choice." then a smile crept accross her face. "Have you ever played hide and seek?"

YirVass chuckled and said “I prefer bait and switch when I am part of the bait, but the theory is the same and the Academy tactical instructors are some of the best at the game so let’s hope the Borg aren’t as up to date without tactics as we are Captain.”

Johnny had been watching everything unfold on the bridge. Turning to the Captain, "Ma'am, I think it prudent to prepare for boarding. Permission to obtain side arms?"

"Permission granted. Keep them on a rotating modulation. While you take care of that I am going to see what Commander Kerr is talking about. You have the bridge commander." said Evelynn as she made her way to the turbolift.

"Understood, ma'am." Johnny replied as he went to the phaser locker. Doing a quick count of the bridge staff, he set each phaser to a rotating modulation and handed them out.

[Lower Deck near Sickbay]

As soon as the turbolift doors opened, Finchley sprinted towards Sickbay, tapping his COMM badge as he ran.

"Karadis...the file marked 'Operation safe key'...get it and bring!" he yelled.

"Aye Sir" Karadis replied as she hastily went to and opened the security locker in the Intelligence Office. Removing the file and locking the locker again, she hurried out of the room and made her way towards Sickbay.


MacKenzie moved about Sickbay in swift motions, making sure that her officers and equipment were ready for any possibilities. While checking in with her staff, she noticed Finchley come bounding into the medical bay.

"Commander?" she asked, with a concerned and inquisitive tone.

"Doctor, I need you to do something to help with the situation we're in" Finchley began. At that point, Kardis came crashing in through the doors and over to her boss "The...file...Sir" she said, trying to catch her breath.

Finchley nodded his thanks, took the file and opened it. He took out a vial and held it up so the CMO could see it.

"Doctor, this vial is filled with the same virus that Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager used against the Borg Queen" he said "We have very little time, the Borg cube that attacked the USS Clip is here and about to attack us. I want you to inject it into me, I'll then beam aboard the Borg cube and pretend to try and negotiate a way out for us. The Borg most likely won't buy it, and will assimilate me, but when they do, they'll also get this virus! I need you to find a way to track me, and when things start going south for the Borg, beam me out, get me back here and get all the Borg implants out of my body. I can't see any alternative way out of this for us, so this plan's the best one we have."

Addison raised her eyebrows in surprise and slowly shook her head in a skeptical way. "Sir, I have to advise against this. Admiral Janeway died so that Captain Janeway and the Voyager crew could return home. There's no reason to assume the virus won't have the same effect on you. Even if you were to survive, there's no way to know whether or not I'd be able to fully remove the implants," she said, frustratingly shaking her head. "You can order me to go through with this, Commander, but I want it noted for the record that you're going against my most professional medical opinion, and with my strongest objection."

Finchley knew that Addison had his best interest at heart as he replied "I completely understand your objection Doctor, and believe me when I say that in all honesty, I really don't want to go through with this, but we literally have no other choice. We've all seen what damage the Borg did to the USS Clip, and she has the same armaments and shields as we do, so we don't want to suffer the same fate. I hear your objection, it's officially noted and there are plenty witnesses here to testify to that" he said, looking around those gathered in Sickbay "but I'm gong to have to reluctantly order you to carry out my order....I really am sorry."

Addison sighed. "Yes, sir," she said, taking the vial and loading it into a hypospray. She whispered a small prayer of forgiveness and pressed the hypo to his neck. "You're all set, Commander. We should be able to keep a lock on you because of a very specific genetic sequence that's inherent to the virus. I won't know how much I'll be able to do for you regarding the removal of the implants until we get you back."

"Thank you Doctor," Finchley said quietly and nodded, knowing it had been difficult for Addison to carry out the procedure he'd asked her to, but also proud of her for being so professional in doing so.

He had hoped that by now the CO had arrived from the bridge and he looked around to see if they had.

Evelynn Haught arrived in sickbay just as the doctor finished with her patient. "Okay Commander, let's hear this idea of yours," she said walking through the doors.

"Yes Captain" Finchley answered "As you're aware, the USS Clip has the same armaments and shields as we do, so I think that if we were to try and take the Borg on in a one on one fight, we'd suffer the same outcome as the Clip. So, to prevent that, the reason I asked you to 'parlay' with them was to stall for time whilst we set a plan in motion. As I said to the Doctor here, this vial I had Karadis bring here to Sickbay was filled with the same virus that Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager used against the Borg Queen. I had her inject it into me and, with your go ahead, I'll then beam aboard the Borg cube and pretend to try and negotiate a way out for us. The Borg probably won't believe me and will assimilate me, but when they do, they'll also get the virus! I've asked the Doctor to find a way to track me, which they have, and when things start going wrong for the Borg, to beam me out, get me back in here and try and get all the Borg implants out of my body if they can do so. I honestly can't see any alternative way out of this for us Sir, as far as I can reason, this plan's the best one we have. I'm not doing it lightly, in all honesty I don't want to do it at all, but someone has to volunteer and seeing as Intel had the vial with the virus, one of us had to do it, and I'm the department head so the responsibility is mine. I hope you agree with this plan Sir?"

Evelynn was silent for a moment. Many thoughts were running around in her head and before she could reprimand the commander for going over her head she surprised herself with the words that came out of her mouth and an outstretched hand. "Goodluck commander. I'll see you when you return."

Finchley took and shook the outstretched hand from the CO saying "Thank you Sir, and I'm sorry."

Evelynn then turned to the doctor. "You'll monitor his biosigns and let me know the instant they change. I will tell you when to beam him back." said Evelynn.

Addison nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

Before leaving she looked back at Commander Kerr. "Ready?"

"I'm rather scared if I'm honest Sir" Finchley replied "however, years of training to try to contain and manage that fear are paying off I think, I'm as ready as I'm going to be."

"Report to the transporter room. I'll be on the bridge." said Evelynn as she left sickbay.

Finchley sensed more than saw the disappointment the Captain had in his plan. He was honestly sorry for what he felt he had to do and that he didn't seek permission to do so, but, the he felt the situation required an immediate solution, and this was the best that could be offered. They couldn't fight their way out against the Borg cube, he was doubtful they could repel a Borg boarding, therefor taking the fight 'to' the Borg seemed the natural option. 'If' he survived this mission, and the Doctor could remove the Borg implants from him, he would offer to transfer off of the USS Lantua to either another CIO posting on another ship or speak to Starfleet Intelligence HQ and ask for re-assignment from them.

Turning to the Doctor he said "Thank you Doctor, I appreciate your help albeit at my insistence, I hope to be able to see you again in due course", and with that he motioned to Karadis to follow him as made his way out of Sickbay and towards the transporter room. Karadis nodded her goodbye to the Doctor and followed her boss.

To Be Continued in Part 3

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