USS Lantau
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The Battle Begins Part 1

Posted on Tue Oct 23rd, 2018 @ 1:02am by Lieutenant JG Rachael Shelbourne & Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Lieutenant Commander Johnny Walker & Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Ensign Rostra Tang

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: various

[Borg Ship]

Many voices talking at once. A single voice stood out in perfect harmony and began to speak. "A vessel has been detected. Unimatrix 215, Grid 2, activate."

The Borg drone in question had been in its alcove regenerating. "Activate cloaking device, remodulate shield matrix." Many drones were silently walking around performing their own specified duties.

[USS Lantau Main Engineering]

In engineering, J'Loni was watching for any type of fluctuations in any of the power systems. She had her husband watching the shield grids for any signs of power drains, and the rest of her staff watching for any abnormalities in any of the other systems. Hopefully, nothing will would go wrong.

[Main Bridge]

Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught sat in her command chair silently looking at the view screen of the swirling masses of the many different colors and remnants of the Dead Zone. "Astonishing isn't Commander?" she said to her first officer.

Johnny was amazed at the scene on the viewscreen. "Yes, ma'am, it is. I haven't seen anything like it in ..."

Just then a sensor alert sounded getting Evelynn's attention. "Report?!" She called out.

Yirvass Daar worked his magic on the tactical station as the alert chirped at him. He turned the chirping off as annoyed him but left the strip lighting change as the result were frustratingly Inconclusive. “Fleet Captain Haught Ma’am, Something, which I expect means a ship just disappeared. We couldn’t even get any readings on it no engine, weapons or shielding information and it just disappeared.”

"Take us to Yellow Alert. I want active scans. If it is the Borg we may have interrupted something." The captain got up and walked back to the tactical console. "Give me the best estimate on the bearing of this mystery vessel Lieutenant. Let's see if we can't flush whomever it is if it truly is the Borg out of hiding."

"Yes, ma'am!" Yirvass said and started working on the console in front of him and the strip lighting around the bridge and the rest of the ship turned yellow rather than optimal burning white. This reduced the illumination a little but not enough to affect sight. He then worked on finding that disappearing vessel. He was able to lock in where it disappeared from which gave him a place to start the search. He worked hard on getting a flight vector. He hoped they had warp tech rather than the ability to use the wormhole system working again since the Voyager closed the ones near earth. About thirty minutes later he chirped and said "I have found it. The vessel took off at two eight five, Mark five."

=Intelligence Department=

Finchley and Karadis had been working hard on restructuring more of the information from the USS Clip logs, and to his delight, Karadis had come up trumps!

"I don't think there's any doubt now that this is something new with them Sir," Karadis said.

"Let me hear it again" Finchley requested.

"Aye Sir" Karadis replied, playing the message back for her boss.

~I am Quirelis of the Bor....ower your shields and surr...your ship. My drones will add your biological and technological...inctiveness to our own. Your culture will service my cube. Resistance is futile!~

Kevins head whipped round as the message ended "Send that to the CO's Ready Room, now!"

"Yes Sir!" Karadis called after Kevin, but he was already out the office and hurtling down the corridor towards the nerest turbolift. As he ran, he thumped the COMM badge on his chest and said "Kerr to...the CO,...Ma'am meet your Ready Room now...please, I need to speak...with you and the XO!"

Evelyn tapped her combadge as she looked at her first officer. "Acknowledged commander we will meet you there."

Standing up she extended her hand toward her ready room. "After you number one."

Johnny's eyebrows furrowed at the urgency in Kerr's voice as he got up. "Aye, ma'am." Motioning to the next senior officer to take the bridge.

Finchley exited the turbolift and hurried over, and into the Captains Ready Room "Captain, Sir..." he said to the CO and XO respectively "With your permission Captain, I need to play this message to you both so that you hear it first hand, it's one of the bridge logs that Karadis and myself managed to clean up and piece together?"

"Go ahead commander." said Evelynn as she leaned on her desk.

Moving to the control panel, he said "Thank you Sir" and pressed the play button.

~I am Quirelis of the Bor....ower your shields and surr...your ship. My drones will add your biological and technological...inctiveness to our own. Your culture will service my cube. Resistance is futile!~

"Sirs, I believe we're dealing with something extraordinary for the Borg, because they referred to themselves in the first person, that's unheard of!" Finchley said.

"If these Borg are referring to themselves in the first person then they must have evolved far more than what we know of them from our encounters over the years." Evelynn said standing up from where she was leaning on her desk.

Johnny looked up at the ceiling for a minute before responding. "There is a small possibility that this might work out in our favour. Their individuality is still reasonably new and there may be some who are coming to terms with it. If we can find one, there's a chance we can work with them to exploit their confusion, add a virus to a subroutine that will incorporate itself into Borg collective once they go back to their ship to regenerate."

Finchley thought this was a great idea, but that meant either bringing one of the Borg on board the Lantau or boarding the Borg cube itself, neither of which were appealing alternatives. Unless...."Why don't we parley with them Captain, try to lure them to meet us?"

"Parley Commander?" said Evelynn a little stunned. "From what you just played it sounds like they are wanting to assimilate us and frankly I prefer to remain human.

"As do I Sir" Finchley replied "however, parleying with them gives us an opportunity bring them to us and then study them because they won't be expecting us to want to talk, they'll expect us to want to run. This could afford us to get one of them on board, and as has been suggested, get a virus into them so that when they go back and regenerate, the virus is uploaded to the cube, 'or', we find a way to beam one of them off the cube, again, get a virus into them, then beam them back to the cube again, and again, when they next regenerate, the virus is uploaded into the cube!"

"I think it's safe to say that not being assimilated is something we all agree on. I agree with Commander Finchley that a parley could be a distraction to help us along. I think getting one over here could be done if we send a small team of 3-4 people over to their ship, place a transporter beacon on one of the borg and beam them over to the Lantau." Walker added.

"Let's just see what opportunities come up first before making hasty decisions. I agree that a distraction would help us but it could also bite us in the ass if we aren't careful.

[Science Lab]

In the Science bay, the twin forms of Rostra Tang were working at a full pitch. Side by side, panel by panel the Dalacari worked to prepare for any form of data flow. "This is so weird." she thought out loud as she set up the systems for peak efficiency. "The Borg aren't the stalk and hunt kind of terror."

"I mean unless they recently assimilated some stalk and hunt level race and found their methods more efficient than just walking up and taking what you want." the other form complimented her out-loud thinking. A single thought, held by both forms and voiced in series.

"They may have adapted and evolved." said Rachael from her science terminal.

[Borg cube]

"Federation vessel still pursuing, following our heading and gaining on us" reported one of the drones through the cacophony of voices.

"Stop the cube, turn and head straight for them!" Quirelis ordered.

[USS Lantau]

YirVass was working across his console and quickly saw the change of distance and direction. “Captain we have an issue, sir. The Borg have decided it is time to defend themselves.” As he said it he ramped up the alert from yellow to red.

"On our way." Evelynn got up from her perched spot and walked out onto the bridge. "Weapon status?"

“Cold at the moment sir but many Captains has been faced with exactly that at this distance and have it change as they got close enough to cutting chunks out of the vessel.” Yirvass said before he added “That is why I went to Red Alert Sir.”

"Understood Lieutenant." said Evelynn as she moved more to the centeof the bridge.

"This could be the opportunity that we're looking for Captain," Finchley said "and they're coming to us. My suggestion is to contact them and speak to this...Quirelis, and parley with him!"

Evelynn gave a nod to open a channel with the Borg ship. "This is Fleet Captain Evelynn Haught of the Federation Starship USS Lantau. To whom am I talking to?"

(To Be Continued...)


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