USS Lantau

The Years that never were...

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Status Current Mission
Description The USS Lantau has been unexpectedly hailed by an unknown vessel. After replying to the hail the Lantau is warned that they are entering a region of space that's in dispute. Suddenly, warning klaxons start blaring as a shockwave of unknown origin descends upon them. Once the shockwave passes, the crew find that the Lantau is heavily damaged and according to the ships chronometer time has passed by and the entire region of space has changed. Thinking that the worst has passed, the ships crew have very little warning of a second shockwave, and this time, the damage sustained is so severe that the there's doubts from the crew that they'll survive much longer. Then a possible beacon of hope is found...but will they make it there for help...
Start Date Thu Sep 26th, 2019 @ 7:34pm

Mission Summary