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Ensign Jeff Elazar

Name Jeff Elazar

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8 m
Weight 86 Kgm
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Jeff is small in stature overall. Standing just a little shorter than most, and thinner than most people around him, Jeff often gets overlooked, especially in busy rooms with crowds. He has bushy dark brown hair and steely dark brown eyes, adding to his physique. One of his most distinctive features is that when he smiles, he has amazing dimples. That feature alone is one that wins him over to people and adds to his charismatic tendencies. Starfleet training has made him nimble on his feet, making speed rather than strength one his core bodily traits. Being agile, Jeff is able to maneuver through life’s obstacles with relative ease.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Mr. Elazar
Mother Mrs. Elazar
Brother(s) Unknown?
Sister(s) Unknown?
Other Family Unknown.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jeff is naturally cunning and devious, but has had few opportunities to test out his abilities. He doesn’t particularly enjoy challenges and competition, but will not avoid them at all costs. He doesn’t make friends too well, but is easily able to form relationships with a lot of people in the form of acquaintances. Jeff is a career man and doesn’t leave much room for other pursuits in his life, even though he knows that to do so is in his best interest. Usually, Jeff needs others to make the first moves to establish bonds and develop them over time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jeff wants to make and keep peace wherever he goes. He likes to see others smile, especially as a reaction towards his own smile. He is quickly able to “determine the room” as it were. He’s able to identify the leaders and followers of groups of people and talk with them without causing conflicts. In fact, Jeff is not only able to keep conflicts under control, but he eliminates them quite often too.

While Jeff is able to be a peacekeeper in a lot of circumstances, he does have certain emotional problems. When alone or in the company of close others, he suffers from a lot of deep anger stemming from his childhood from being bullied a lot. This does hamper his abilities a lot and it takes time for him to refocus his attention. To aid him in this, Jeff is prone to drink various types of alcohol at times. And believe it or not, Jeff actually doesn’t mind the synthesized product that replicators make.
Ambitions Jeff hopes to become a Federation Ambassador someday. In order to accomplish this goal, all of his pursuits at the Academy and with Starfleet have been driven by this goal. While both organizations go hand in hand nearly all of the time, Jeff’s first loyalty is to the Federation, and then to Starfleet. For most officers, it's the reverse. This had lead to some interesting relational developments in his adult life.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Keeping up with the news, working out in nearby gyms, and reading/writing scholarly works to keep abreast of current events.
Interests: Political Science, Billiards, and Alcohol

Personal History Jeff was born on July 22nd 2367 to his mother and father in the beautiful Canadian city of Ottawa. His mother worked in the kitchen of the Canadian parliament as a Chef and his father worked as a high level bureaucrat within the Canadian civil service - both reporting to the Federation as per protocol. While only sub-sovereign employees, their work was indeed important as any other.

Throughout his childhood, and growing up, Jeff was usually the victim of bullying due to his perceived status as a weakling. This less than stellar feature was always a source of great consternation of Jeff’s. He’d frequently imagine himself as stronger and bigger than most of his classmates, not so that he could repay them in kind, but to prevent conflicts in the first place. This was, of course, only his public front that he told others - on the inside, Jeff was angry about being mistreated and wanted sweet revenge.

During his senior years of high school, Jeff discovered alcohol in the form of beer and enjoyed it as a way to ease the internal pains he was suffering from. In fact, he quickly became fascinated with it to the point of researching different varieties and tastes. Jeff was proud that he was both able to quench his thirst for knowledge and pain at the same time. Jeff was an A-B student throughout high school and graduated at the age of 17.

It was during the summer that he turned 18 and enrolled at Starfleet Academy due to prodding from his mother and father. They didn’t want him to stay in the same environment as them and continue to suffer from emotional baggage. And they also thought that the Academy would prove to be a good experience for Jeff. And indeed it was to be the best time of his life. Jeff’s overall grade point average went from being A-B to being A+ to A-. He obtained an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies by the age of 20.

While undertaking a broad assortment of courses at the Academy, one particular discipline peaked his mind - Political Science. What better way to solve the problems of people, and stop bullying, than to bring peace and order to them? He decided to Honours Major in Political Science foregoing any Minor and writing papers that impressed his instructors. He formed study groups with his peers and shared with them what he had learned through alcohol, although instead of being a means to end pain, it was used as a means to amplify joy. He would obtain rank of Ensign and his Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree with a Major in Political Science at the age of 22.

But then, fear of changing his absolutely stunning and positive environment kicked in and Jeff withheld his record from starships looking for new officers and instead opted to stay at the Academy and join the research staff working directly under his instructors collecting citations for them and authoring papers of his own, always of course being second author with the Professors being first. While his friends had joined starships of their own, Jeff made new friends with his colleagues and continued the traditions of sharing drinks. He had some spare time on his hands too, and decided to make some concoctions of his own, though he wasn’t quite ready to share those with others yet. Due to his scholarly promise and secondary authorship of numerous papers, Jeff was awarded the degree of Master of Arts in Political Science at the age of 24.

His professors encouraged him to keep going, and there was only one academic achievement within his grasp now. Jeff stayed at the Academy and started teaching first year politics classes and writing papers of his own, this time now being the first author on them. His thesis was entitled “Games: Drinking and Political - How to Get A Perfect Score in Both.” While initially not taken very seriously by his colleagues, and slowly bringing old fears of bullying back on the cognitive burner, his paper was extremely well written and cited well. Clearly the metaphor was strong enough to withstand academic critique enough that Jeff graduated with hs Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science. His name would now appear on all official records for all time as Jeff Elazar, AA, BA (Honours), MA, PhD.

Jeff knew full well now that he needed to join the ranks of Starfleet and join a crew and leave the purely academic world behind. He scoured through available postings and found one that could benefit from his background and skills. He packed up his belongings and left San Francisco for the first time at the age of 27, doing what his friends had already done several years ago.

Now, Jeff serves aboard the USS Lantau as Chief Diplomatic Officer. Stay Tuned!
Service Record 2384-2393: Starfleet Academy - Student - CADET
2393-Pres: USS Lantau - Chief Diplomatic Officer - ENSIGN